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Mount Vernon Estates is ideal place to explore anytime your near our nations capitol! Located south of D.C in Mt Vernon,Virginia, this presidential estate is the perfect place to celebrate any patriotic holidays. I've been fortunate to visit twice, once two years ago on fourth of July and once just a few months ago on presidents day. Which also happen to land on George Washington birthday, needless to say it was the perfect day to venture out into this historical home that will win your heart without a doubt, like it did mines! Make sure you plan to spend at least a few hours  on this property,the estate is filled with so many things to see and do you won't want to cut your visit short.Here are some of our favorite things to do and see at Mount Vernon!
Special Events  
On patriotic holidays Mount Vernon Estate has certain reenactments and events throughout the day. On president day this year they had an entire marching band, that transported you back in time.(As seen above)Two years ago when we visited on fourth of July, they had a reenactment of George Washington sending his troops to war. Both reenactments brought the history of Mount Vernon Estate alive for all of its guests. Make sure to ask what special events or reenactments are going on during your visit.For those of you planning a visit for fourth of July please keep in mind they have their own firework display and you wont want to miss it!
Fun Fact: Did you know that president Washington was the only president to not ever live in the white house!
Inside Peak
Out of respect to the privacy of this facility we will not post any pictures the inside of Washington house other then the one that was permitted during our visit.(Seen Above) The Clerk Quarters resided just steps away on the second floor from George Washington room. During your tour of the inside of the house you will get to see everything from the kitchen to formal and informal dining room, to the very bed Washington died in!
Tip:The tour of the house is the only timed scheduled tour,make sure to arrive early to receive earlier tour time for the home.
Fun FactAlthough he never lived in the White House, he did select the location and the design of the structure!
Presidential Carriage
Have you ever stopped to ponder what set of wheels, had the honor of wheeling around our first president? Well here is your answer! This carriage was used by the Washington's throughout his presidency and by his wife until her death in 1802.This horse drawn carriage was the most luxurious forms of transportation, anyone could own during there time.
Potamic River
Did you know that you can actually sail off on a boat down the glistering Potamic river from D.C all the way to the dock here at mount Vernon. It certainly a unique way to reach Mount Vernon and I'm sure its more relaxing then taking an uber or taking the metro to than get on a bus the rest of the way. If you want more information about this alternative Click Here!
The Old Vault
George Washington and his wife remains were originally housed inside of this old vault. However in the president will & testament he wanted to be transferred into a new vault made on a "larger scale" per his request. Which is where the Washington lay now. This site is commonly missed by visitor due to its location, therefore make sure to look for it on the map!
Tabacco Farming
President Washington dedicated his life to the advancements of American farming.He started farming out of the simple need to survive, as he began to earn a living and build onto Mount Vernon. His tobacco crops brought in the cash, but Washington soon realized that grains are a more sustainable crop. He halted his growth of tobacco, and started growing only grains specifically wheat in 1766.
Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant
If your looking to have a scrumptious sit down meal while visiting George Washington property, there is no better place than the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant.They offer an array of different entrees on the menu from succulent shrimp entrees,fresh fish and juicy perfected steaks. Its hard to choose what to eat from a menu that everything looks good from. 
 Download Interactive App
Last but certainly not least, if your looking for a great tool to use while your touring the estate this app is super useful! Providing users with maps and all sorts of information about Mount Vernon estate and the history of our first president. Also play along with their Revolutionary spy adventure game. The app includes the following:
  • Over 500 points of interests
  • A Plant finder to identify all the plants grown on the estate.
  • Colonial Selfie (share a photo with your friends with their colonial selfie frame)
  • Test your knowledge by using features such as: quizzes and scavenger hunt on the app
  • While on the Estate the app provides tools that will enhance your visit including access to shuttles, movie times, restaurant reservations and guest feedback. 
  • Through an in-app purchase visitors can access all of Mount Vernon’s audio tours. Audio tours range from 30-90 minutes and provide a rich narration of the lives of those who lived at Mount Vernon. 
Tip:For all apple users click on blue symbol with the house, or on the available on app store button. Android users please click on the google play button above. Clicking on either button will take you to your app provider to download this FREE app for your convenience!
Please note, you must be at the Mount Vernon Estate and have location services enabled to see all these features!

Google Rating:4.5
Address: 3200 Mount Vernon Hwy, Mt Vernon, VA 22121
Phone:(703) 780-2000
Our Rating: 5
Cost:Adults $20, Kids $10, children under 5 are FREE. 
Tip: If you buy tickets online in advance prices are $18 for adults and $9 kids ( Also look out for FREE admission days like PRESIDENT day)
Make sure to keep the following things in mind!
Photo Opportunities
Bring Spending Money
Bring Water
Wear Comfortable Shoes