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If your looking for a unique outdoor itinerary in San Diego, Cowles mountain will exceed your expectations without a doubt. This mountain is nestled in the neighborhood of San Carlos, and sits tall at 1,592 feet which is the highest point in all of San Diego! The amount of tranquility you will embrace upon looking over this charming city will leave you breathless,refreshed, and ready to conquer your next adventure in San Diego!
The Trail
This is not your typical trail, as seen in the pictures above the trail changes drastically throughout your hike. Be prepared to walk along dirt paths, wooden planks paths and, most importantly keep in mind there is also rocky path such as the one the family above is conquering. Unfortunately most of this hike will be rocky like in the picture of the family, however if they can do it so can you! I saw children of all ages being guided up the mountain, including a mother with a new born infant carried in her front carrier and a toddler being carried on her back. She set an example for everyone on that mountain, and certainly motivated me get to top. This trail is marked as moderate, and its totally doable you just have to do it at your own pace!
​Please be mindful  down the mountain, because of gravity it's easier to run down the mountain. Therefore hikers that are running down can easily run into hikers that are still making there way up the mountain. So please be cautious of those around you coming down, and be aware while going up that people are running down because gravity is forcing them to. Therefore give them a clear path, so you can both con't safely on your way up or down the mountain.
While making your way up up the mountain take the to admire the view of the San Miguel Moutain range that's hiding behind the fog in this photo!
While venturing on this wonderful hike, please keep the animals that your sharing this mountain with in mind.Safety should be your first priority especially if your doing this hike with little ones, please make them aware not to get near any animals especially any rattle snakes that may appear. Also please respect the habitats of other animals you may come across such as reptiles, owls and cayotes. Pay attention to the signs such as the one above saying "sensitive habitat area closed." Some areas are closed off for your safety and the safety of the animals, the last thing you want to do is come across a protective mother in her nesting area. Or damage the habitat of any animal on this mountain, we are here to coexist with the wildlife on this mountain not interfere with the environment.
Mother Nature
One of my favorite things about this mountain is all the glorious California wild flowers that are dispersed throughout the mountains! This trail is specifically known for the best wild flowers trail in mission trails regional park.With stunning bright colors from yellow, to pink, to stunning lilac ones. It truly is the small details that makes this mountain trail truly stunning!
Dog Friendly
Sometimes finding an activity that's is dog friendly can be difficult. Cowles mountain however makes it easy to plan a fun day outdoors with your pets.However please keep in mind when bringing your furry friends on this mountain to think about their safety, keep them on a short lease and keep them away from bushes. You don't want your furry best friend being bit by a rattle snake or put in danger in any way. Also please keep in mind to bring a bowl where they can drink water from, your dog is going to be equally as quenched going up the mountain as you!
Don't forget to take the time to savor in the moment, breathe in the fresh air, and become one with mother nature!
Additional Tips:
  • Make sure to bring a snack
  • Plenty of water
  • Limited parking ( Also please don't leave valuables in vehicle, this area has been reported for vehicle break ins)
  • Start trail as early as possible, watch the sunrise or sunset to avoid higher peak temperatures and witness a glorious view!​