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As a local Florida resident, I'm always on the hunt for the best sweets in my home state. Sugar Darling Cupcakes is by far the best gourmet cupcake bakery I have encountered in a awhile! Here's why: Their cupcakes are phenomenal, they are very affordable,suburb customer service, and last but certainly not least they are a charitable bakery that isn't afraid to give back to their community and those in need!
Lil' Darlings
These adorable little cupcakes (known as  Lil'Darlings) are so delightful, that they will definitely get you hooked with one bite! The one pictured above is the White chocolate raspberry cupcake,with a moist white chocolate outside and a mouth watering raspberry fruit filing on the inside! They offer a large array of unique flavors from Crème brûlée which I also got to try for myself,to flavors like:snicker doodle,caramelized banana, pink lemonade,butter scotch, red velvet,Lavender and many more. When it comes to flavors its hard to find a flavor that Sugar Darling, won't try! Best part is that their flavors are always evolving, giving you a unique experience with every visit to Sugar Darling Cupcakes! 
One of my favorite things about this bakery is they keep it simple when it comes to decor, making everyone feel right at home with their soft touches of decor.It's not one of the those bakery that makes you feel overwhelmed with decor or large crowds, it certainly a well kept secret...........at least for now!
Astounding Customer Service
I was lucky enough to meet Kayla during my visit to sugar darling cupcakes, she was very informative and extremely helpful! I was very undecided on which Lil'Darling I would try for myself! She answered all my questions about the different flavors she had for the day, and encouraged me to try something I normally wouldn't. Boy am I glad I did, I was pleasantly surprised by both the cupcakes I selected, and will definitely be coming back to savor on more of their imaginative flavors!
This bakery showed me just how much they care about their community, by giving us here at caretogofree.com a baked goods donations for us to distribute to the homeless. It was such a great way to get involved in their very own community and give to those that need it most. Sometimes people fail to realize that the smallest gesture can change someone's day. That's certainly not the case for Sugar Darling, they certainly realize the importance of helping those in their community. Homeless individuals can sometimes go days without eating,which is why no donation is too small!
Google Rating:4.7
Address:6322 Bank St, New Port Richey, FL 34652 
Phone:(727) 474-3783
Our Rating: 5
Cost: Cupcakes are super affordable starting at $1.50 each
Tips: I would select two cupcakes per person, that way you can try a flavor in your comfort zone and one you never thought you would try (much less like, you never know what odd flavor you may fall in love with.
White Chocalate Rasberry (On the Right) Crème brûlée (On the Left)
Perfect to go!