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I know what your thinking, how can such a small place provide such great food? The answer truly lies in the name "Reservoir"! By definition means a supply or source of something, and this place truly is the source of some seriously amazing food! This french bistro will impress you in every way imaginable. From its convenient location, service, and surprisingly delectable food, you will never leave here hungry that for sure.
Smart Service
Technology certainly comes in handy these days, and this restaurant certainly accommodates to its tech savvy customers. The best part about them having an I-Pad at every seat is that after you place your order on it, your free to use it to roam the internet and do anything you would normally do online. It's very convenient to have when your sitting at an airport with plenty of time to kill! They even have one for each person at the bar which is impressive, and shows you don't have to have a full meal to use their technology.
The Food
I was only fortunate to eat here for an early breakfast before my flight back home,and I can't tell you how glad I am that I decided to stop for a good meal before a long flight. I was left completely stunned, because never in my life have I been so blown away by a breakfast sandwich! It is by far the best breakfast sandwich I have ever indulged in my life. Considering its my 5th trip flying using DCA airport in the last two years, I can't tell you how disappointed I am to have missed this restaurant time and time again. This meal was perfectly crafted and was a lot larger then I expected it to be, its not your typical small breakfast sandwich. I can honestly say I have never even seen one as large as this or as stuffed with so much goodness.One thing for sure, I'm never missing it again and neither should you!
Find the red heart labeled "EAT HERE", to locate the restaurant on the map. It is located in terminal "A" therefore if your flying with Air Canada,Frontier,Southwest, or Sun Country this restaurant is extremely accessible! When you pass the security clearance Reservoir will be in the hall to the right which leads to the terminals. It was such a satisfying dining experience, that even if I was not flying in terminal A, I would be willing to go through security twice! I don't say that lightly considering I can be a very impatient person. However that just goes to show that when a restaurant truly blows your socks off, you are willing to do anything you have to just for another taste!
Google Rating: There is no google rating since it's inside the airport
Our Rating: 5