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If your a book worm like me, you always find yourself looking for unique book finds in every city across the globe. This was my first international trip by myself, and I was on the hunt for the best book store in town. Everyone I asked locally in Vancouver, could not stop saying great things about Macleods. Even people from Seattle commute here just for books,just like I did! Although I don't advise you to use that as your reason for entering the country, border patrol might give you a hard time.Apparently books aren't a good reason for a road trip, just answer you want to visit the city for the first time avoid yourself a hassle!
The Collection 
​Walking into this book store you may immediately feel overwhelmed with all the books you have to choose from. However all the piles are part of the fun, it's amazing the books you may discover. If your looking for a specific language,time era, or subject ask the person at the desk and they will point you in the right direction. With a selection as large as theirs, I highly doubt that you will walk out empty handed!
Why is it the best in Vancouver?         
 What truly made this store stand out was the knowledge of the staff, and their massive selection. You really can't go wrong! The owner was a busy bee the day I stopped by, with tons of customers in need of his attention. However he manage to handle all our needs with knowledge & efficiency, and best of all he did it all gracefully without rushing a soul! His customer service really shined thru to all his customers, leaving each one of them including myself delighted with their new addition!
Of course the best part about going book shopping, is the treasures you take home with you. I was lucky enough to find 2 French antique books from the Late 1800's. This purchase started a ripple effect on my travels! Now everywhere I go, I find myself scouting for the best book stores, in order to find the perfect souvenir to take home! Books have truly become my favorite souvenir, because unlike any other souvenir you gain insight,knowledge, and best of all you take a piece of literal history home with you!
Google Rating:4.4
Address:455 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1V2, Canada
Phone:1 604-681-7654
Our Rating: 5
Tips:Macleod is centrally located downtown, making it easily accessible to your trip to British Columbia. It's just blocks away from the sky deck, so make sure not to miss it when visiting one of Vancouver top attraction!