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Fort White Abandon Train
The last place on earth you would ever think of visiting is Fort White, Florida. I'm sure most of you have never even heard of it, neither had I and I'm a Florida local! (So don't feel bad) Its just a small blimp of a town, that I would've missed if it wasn't for my road trip to ichetucknee springs.Places like Fort White,Florida are evidence to why road trips are great for discovering random attractions along the way!
The History
This beautiful piece of Florida railroad history is from the late 1800's, and ran until the early 1900's. It was used to transport goods such as turpentine, oranges, phosphate, and cotton. It ran through the cities of High Springs and Gainesville to the south, and Fort White to Lake City and Live Oak to the north and northwest.
If you happen to be passing through northern Florida, or are planning a road trip with unique stops along the way. Make sure you add Fort White,Fl to your list. It's the perfect place to embrace a piece of Florida railroad history! Don't forget this abandon train,is located right down the road from Itchetucknee springs,which is another Florida attraction you absolutely should not miss!

Ichetucknee Springs

Florida is known for all its amusements parks, however many travelers visit the lovely sunshine state and never get to know the real Florida! We have so many state parks to explore, with plenty of springs to choose from! One of my favorite springs is Ichetucknee, it's the ideal place for swimming, kayaking,walking trails and so much more!

Blue Springs

Blue Springs is a unique Florida state park, known for its manatees and mesmerizing turquoise color! If you are visiting the Orlando area, this park is located less then hr away. It is located in the north eastern part of Florida, and its a great alternative to your typical Orlando itinerary.