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When visiting the city of Philadelphia, your first stop in the morning should be the Reading Terminal market. They're a diverse indoors farmers market, that will ensure you a great start to your day!Since 1892 it has been famous for its baked goods,unique restaurants,produce, and shopping.
1)Termini Bros
Termini Bros is always our first stop in the reading terminal, its the ideal place to indulge in a delicious treat especially their famous cannoli! They also served delectable freshly baked cakes,pastries,and cookies.  My motto is why wait for dessert, when you can start on a sweet note!
With endless food options under one roof, you can rest assure you can find something to fit everyone in your family taste bugs.They have 30 different options under one roof not including all the bakeries, needless to say their is an array of flavors and cultures all served under one roof. 
3)Fresh Produce
In a large city like Philadelphia, locals don't have a lot of options when it comes to fresh produce.The Reading terminal provides the perfect platform for farmers to sell their products, and for the consumers to purchase it at a lower cost then chain stores and fresher!
4)Famous 4th Street Cookies
There is only one word to describe these cookies,SCRUMPTIOUS! I always pick up a box of their assorted cookies when I'm in town for my kids, they absolutely love their ying and yang cookies. Make sure not to forget to try the classic chocolate chip cookie, its the perfect combination of warm, chewy and crispy all at once! 
5) Amy's Place
There are many unique shops inside of the reading terminal, among them my favorite is Amy's Place! You can find lots of unique kitchen trinkets,decorations,tools and more!
6) Bee Natural
When it comes to products that help you moisturize your skin and lips, bee natural has it all. If your looking for non medicinal alternatives, this is the perfect shop to get started!