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After a late night out on the town in DC, everyone flees to & Pizza. Commonly known as just "&", at first hearing the name I have to say I was confused. But after my very own "&" experience, I was not let down! Next time your in the district looking for a late night grub, this is where you will find all the locals!
Pizza Made Fresh
When it comes to customizing a pizza no one does it better then "&"! They have endless inventive ways, of making your pizza one of a kind. The best part about it is they do it all custom, and right in front of you. They offer three different crusts,five sauces,three cheeses,9 veggies,9 meats,and lets not forget their 18 different signature finishes! It's hard not to get excited when creating your own imaginative pizza, with all the toppings,cheeses and sauces you could ever want! 
Worth the Wait
This is what a late night at "&" Pizza looks like, the night is over the heels are off and its time for some custom made pizza!The line can get extremely long at 3:00 am, but that does not stop any DC local. Be Prepared to wait in line outside, and then inside as well. All in all it took 45 mins to sit down and eat our pizza, however it was well worth the wait.
Custom Pizza
So first off I must say that anyone that knows me, knows I'm not a fan of pizza.After seeing the extremely long lines though, I had to see what all the fuss was about! I was pleasantly surprised with all endless options they have for you to make your own pie. The pizza shown above is known as their "Mushroom Experience" , however I added my own twist by adding shrimp,spinach and to top it off with an impeccable basil pesto sauce! The best part about this pizza is you watch it sizzle in their custom oven right in front of you, then it served immediately for your enjoyment!
Perfect To-Go​
If you don't want to stay and eat don't worry! Their box is the ideal size,not uncomfortable to walk with at all! We walked back to the hotel in the rain without any issues, the box is very light and easy to hold in one hand.  Making it the perfect late night stop,thanks to to their late night hours  for you to enjoy a custom pie after a long night! No matter whether your commuting home on the metro,walking,or driving home  "&" pizza is where you should end your night in the district!