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When it comes to places to eat in Chicago your options are truly endless, but its rare to find an establishment that provides great food and a great view! This restaurant is missed by many simply because of its location, which is on the 7th floor of the Hyatt hotel .
The View 
It's Location however is what makes this restaurant the perfect place to enjoy a meal in Chicago! In the summer they have outdoor patio seating for you to enjoy fresh air and take in the amazing sights of the Chicago skyline. If you can't make it in the summer don't worry the view is just as amazing inside!
The Presentation
When it comes to the restaurant business, the way they present a table tells a customer everything!From their culinary skills, to the importance they take in providing their customer the perfect dining experience. As you can see this table looks amazing, and tastes even better! 
Although this location is known for its fresh sushi creations, we could not miss out on this juicy perfectly crafted burger. They pay attentions to all the small details in making this burger great, from the toasty buns to the crispy fries you wont be disappointed.
When it comes to making the perfect roll, there is a lot of details to consider. From the mixtures of flavors, to complimenting sauces and most importantly fresh seafood. Nomi provides all of this and more!
Google Rating:4.5 out of 5
Address:Park Hyatt Chicago, 800 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611
Phone:(312) 239-4030
Our Rating: 5