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This amazing piece of history lays in the heart of the magnificent mile, it’s a location not to be missed especially because it will cost you nothing! This building used to act as a Chicago Public Library, and is now a permanent part of Chicago history. It was manufactured in 1897, and was the first permanent structure of the city public library system. 
This landmark is simply astonishing inside and out, I can easily spend hours here soaking it in all. Admiring every detail that went into the making of this building, the mosaics, marbles, and bronze decor. You will truly never get bored of marveling at all the little things that went into creating this piece of Chicago's history!
2)Two Stained Glass Tiffany Dome
Is certainly the main attraction of the Chicago Cultural center, it’s absolutely mesmerizing to lay your eyes upon. It will keep you dazing up in admiration of its beauty, which it should considering it’s the world’s largest Tiffany dome. It is made out of 30,000 pieces of glass and is 38 feet in diameter. 
3)Stair wells
 This is a location where you should skip the elevators, no questions asked! The stairs are simply breathtaking, definitely worth a stroll even if it’s on the way down. Not to mention taking the stairs will give you a closer look at all the mosaics and decor that this building is famous for!
4)Art Exhibits
The cultural center houses exhibits for artists and currently they have Krista Franklin: Quest for the marvelous, Laura Davis –Jewelry of my mother and other microaggressions, and Tom Denlinger: Ekstatic Edgewater. All of these artist take a unique twist on our interpretations of artworks, they certainly aren’t your average pieces of art. So make sure you get to witnessed these for yourself!
The Chicago Cultural center has many events on a monthly basis, such as chamber Mondays where at 12:15 pm you will find an array of local artists  in Chicago from vocalist, Instrumentalist, ethnic music, classical music and Jazz performing.  They have other events that occur from theater and dance events, to even puppet shows. Make sure to check their online calendar, here in order to stay up to date with their events.
Google Rating:4.6 out of 5
Address: 78 E Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602
Phone:(312) 744-6630
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