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When it comes to the city of Atlanta, you absolutely cannot leave without visiting the coca cola factory. My son was counting down the days for his visit to the factory, it was a great experience for the whole family!
The Coca Cola Experience
The first thing they do when you walk in is hand you a refreshing coca cola of your choice! Which comes in adorable aluminum bottles. Then you watch a movie all about coca cola and how it’s a part of everyday life across the world. Did you know that coca cola was created by a pharmacist? In the 19th century the competition was extreme, and the coca cola recipe became the most sought out for and closely guarded trade secret in U.S history. Then you’re free to explore around the factory and exhibits, there is so much to see. You can definitely spend a few hours here!
Tasting Experience
Who couldn’t spend a day tasting flavors from all over the world? I know I can! The best part about this room is you can access it as many times as you want before you leave and throughout your stay! They offer different flavors from different countries from all over the world, with over 130 flavors you really can’t go wrong in this room! Make sure to try them all, even the ones you normally wouldn’t taste you will be pleasantly surprised!
Secret Formula 4-D movie
4-D Movie
The 4-D movie was my son favorite part of the experience, it was perfectly designed for families! Between the seats moving making you feel in the action, to some 4-D surprises it’s the perfect way to end your tour of the factory! Of course you can do it at any time, just check the next showing time. The show doesn’t last overly long either so it’s the perfect amount of time for children to sit through!
The Vault
When it comes to hiding their secret formula, coca cola takes matters very seriously! Where else would you hide a secret formula if not a vault? Coca Cola has managed to keep their formula a secret for 125 years, many have tried to duplicate them but no one can ever replace them! Get as close as you can to the most safely guarded formula in America!
​Polar Bear
My son is normally one that is quick to call something out if it’s fake, however he was totally fooled by this bear! My older son loved him, and my 2 ½ year old was terrified hence why he is not even in the photo. Despite the bears best efforts to appear kind, so beware not all ages may want to approach him. However for the majority of us how can we resist this adorable bear!
The Factory
Coca cola shows you the In’s and out of what their factory looks like from the testing areas, to robotics packaging… you get to see it all! Make sure to take your time to see how everything works, my kids truly loved viewing it up close and personal!
Coca Cola Antiques
There are many collectors that love coca cola antiques, and if your one of them this is the perfect place to get to admire them up close and personal! Who doesn’t love coca cola classic logo? You also get to view the Olympic torches, which is a piece of history on its own.
Coca Cola Art
Being the art buff that I am I couldn’t help but appreciate all the beautiful coca cola artwork that they displayed.Art just like coca cola gives you a distinguished feeling, and its part of everyday life! 
​Don’t forget your Coke to go!
You get to grab coke to go as you walk out of the factory, which comes in the perfect size glass bottles and they give you an adorable coca cola bag to carry it in, Grab one for each family member! 
Pro Tips:
#1 The cola factory has this great charging system for phones in the middle of the second floor! The best part is that it’s absolutely free! You use your credit card to open and close the container that charges your phone, and the best part is that it has a variety of different chargers.

#2 Visit the room with the samples throughout your entire tour that way you never grow thirsty, and it’s free! My main suggestion would be to keep your aluminum bottles that they give you at the beginning, and fill those up instead of dealing with the small uncovered plastic cups! (It will also keep them colder longer)