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When it comes to waterfalls in Florida, Falling Waters State Park is the most impressive waterfall in the sunshine state. This Florida attraction is also located along I-10W , it’s about 30 mins from the Caverns State Park. I would recommend if you’re making a trip out to one of these, to combine the two attraction in one road trip.  If you don't you are bound to regret it, both of these state parks offer a uniquely alluring site that must be witnessed at least once in a lifetime! 
Fun facts
  • Its 20 feet wide, made up of a sink hole that is 100 ft. deep and a waterfall that plunges from above at an impressive 73ft.
  • This waterfall has one very mysterious factor, no one knows where the water is actually coming from!
  • The park has a 2 acre lake you can swim in!
This a great location to bring little ones!
Got the pleasure of snapping this photo for this beautiful family, the mother was extremely grateful that I snapped this and offer to send to her. They didn't know I had taken it until I approached them! Tips for solo travelers: I would've never got my pictures at this waterfall  that I wanted if I wouldn't of offered this kind act first, show others the kindness that you seek and you will never be disappointed!
Choosing The Right Trail
Make sure that you pick the Wiregrass Trail for the quickest access to the waterfall, once you cross the bridge you will come to a spot where you can only con't right or left. Make sure to take a left and follow the path, which will lead you to the stop of  a staircase that oversees the top of the waterfall for an up close and personal look of this outstanding waterfall!
Additional Activities
This State park is not only known for its famous waterfall but also for being a great out door destination. They have a large range of activities you can partake in, such as campfires, camping, Fishing, hiking, nature trails, and swimming.
Why Visit?
Where are you actually ever going to be able to see a waterfall that falls into a 100 ft. sinkhole? This unique set up is more than a reason to put this waterfall on your bucket list. After all we are in Florida, and although sink holes are very common here ..this is certainly the only one that has a masterful waterfall that falls into it!
More State Parks should have this sign!
The park entrance will cost you $4 for each vehicle, and they may also charge you $2 a person for additional passengers in your vehicle. As you can see its a very affordable destination for both families and solo travelers!
Make sure to bring plenty of liquids, you have to take a trail to get to the waterfall and needless to say on a hot summer day you will need it!