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 The Florida Caverns is a State Park in northern Florida, that even many of us Floridians have not heard of! Chances are even if you're not from Florida, you haven't heard of it either. Since normally caverns are found near mountain ranges and as we all know Florida certainly does not have any of those.  However these caverns were formed over 300 millions years due to the falling sea level, and it's one Florida treasure you'll want to explore !
1)Mother Nature Secrets
 This cavern is a great example of how you never know when mother nature will surprise you! This place was discovered completely by accident when someone fell through a part of the roof and landed inside of the caves.However there has been evidence that Indian tribes used the caverns way before this time to hide from Andrew Jackson troops during the war. 
2)Volunteer Opportunities
The cavern has certain areas covered in algae due to the lights they have added for the tours for us to be able to see inside the caverns. These light are the only man-made modifications in the caves and the light creates algae around the areas the light hits. Once a year volunteers carefully scrub the algae off with tooth brushes.So if your looking for a way to help the environment make sure to inquire with the park rangers when this will be taking place! Any volunteers?
It's also important to note that sometimes their tours sellout for the day, therefore make sure to call the ranger station to make sure they have open availability for the day! Another thing you may want to take into consideration especially if you have any tall family members, is that their are certain areas where you will have to crouch down in order to get through. Those few areas only measure 4 1/2 feet in height, and you have to stay down as you make it down the pathways which can be as long as 15 feet.On the bright side the cave stays 65 degrees year long, so you will be crouching but at least you won't be hot! 
Things to know before going to the cavern 
4)No tours on Tuesdays or Wednesday!  Make sure that you go Thursday thru Monday because if not you will miss the opportunity to tour the cave. (Not to mention be upset you drove all this way)

5)No touching! Oils on your finger stick to the formation and that kills them.With that being said they do allow you to touch one part of the cavern before leaving! (See picture below)

6)No strollers! So if you have little ones I would keep in mind that they are either walking or you’re carrying them. (There is no way around this)

7)Tours are about 45 mins long but I would plan on spending an hour and thirty mins here, between waiting on the next tour to start and exploring
the park before or after this should give you enough time to experience it all!

8This destination has their own Camping ground, so if you are wanting to make this a weekend trip you can easily stay here and embrace the full experience! Reservations for camping can be made at 
800-326-3521 make sure to make them in advance.

9)No food or gum or drinks of any kind! This is simply for the protection of maintaining the cavern as unaltered by mankind as possible.
If you’re coming from southern Florida you’re going to take 75 for the majority of the way up the state, then you will merge to I-10W which leads you towards the Florida panhandle. If you aren’t, see what highway will lead you to I-10W and that will lead you all the way there.
Google Rating:4.7
Address: 3345 Caverns Rd, Marianna, FL 32446
Phone: (850) 482-1228
Our Rating: 
Cost: The entrance fee for a vehicle ranges from $4-$10 and they charge you $2 for each additional passenger. You also pay $8 per adult and $5 per child under 12 years old for the tour of the cavern.