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Can you say yummmmm
1)Eat Delicious Treats
If you’re going to a major foodie city such as New Orleans, you have to indulge in as much deliciousness as you can! My advice to you is explore the French quarters, and make your way to Frenchman street. While you’re making your way deep into the quarters stop and eat along the way, you will encounter delicious finds from po’boys, muffuletta, beignets and more…. Rest assure that there is something for everyone! If you want to keep things interesting don’t order your entire meal in one place, stop for an appetizer and drink at one place. Then continue on your way throughout the quarter eating dinner from somewhere else and eventually find the perfect place for desert such as café du monde! 
2)Voodoo Shop
This one is a must, in the city of New Orleans where this is part of their everyday culture. Just make sure you go to an authentic place, such as Voodoo Authenica. It does not get more real than them, when you step into their shop in comparison to the others around town you can feel the difference immediately. They aren’t trying to scam you for your money, they sell real products to help you achieve your goals and desires. The sole purpose to their products is to give you a little more luck, and let’s face it we could all use a little more of that on our side. For those nonbelievers I still encourage you to stop by the shop, knowledge is power…..You may be surprise what you may learn! Especially if you decide to get your tarot cards read like I did, the staff here is extremely professional and knowledgeable... don’t be scared of getting the answers you seek!
My Voodoo Dolls!
New Orleans River Walk!
3)Drink, Drink, Drink
New Orleans is known worldwide for the way they PARTY, so you might as well stop resisting and embrace it! I’m normally not the one to wild out, but in a city where you can walk anywhere you want with a drink in your hand it’s hard to resist. Most restaurants have bars that you can simply walk up to on the side of that will serve you to go!  Which makes drinking so much more enjoyable, because you don’t have to just sit at a bar. You have the privilege to get out and go take in the sights of the illuminating city of New Orleans. I would recommend getting a tall glass of your favorite cocktail and walk along the river walk. (Especially during sunset) It will be an experience you will never ever forget! 

150 year old princess of Monaco Courtyard
​4)New Orleans Style Brunch
Brunch is a must in this city, with so many life altering food options and outdoor dining venues it’s really a shame if you don’t take advantage. What makes their dining experiences so unique? Their attention to detail and outdoor dining options, they make you feel like you’re in a fairy-tale. Let’s not forget it’s also New Orleans, so ummmmmm the food is to die for! My favorite Brunch spot in the city is Café Amelie the food, the view….. To the entire dining experience! It’s definitely a must in the city of New Orleans. Now be careful this spot fills up quickly, so make reservation or try to snag a seat at the bar. But of course if you do that you will miss out on the privilege of their outside dining experience. So do yourself a favor and make reservations like I did weeks in advance, they have a line around the block an hr before they open….Keep in mind that most of those in lines are locals, so don’t be the fool to miss this hidden gem deep in the French quarters.
New Orleans Chicken & Waffle
Berry Crumble
Exploring the French Quarters!
5)Explore the French Quarters, and Shop,Shop,Shop Away!
One of the best unexpected things about New Orleans was the amount of unique shops they had, I was able to find a lot of things while on vacation here. From local artworks to remind me of New Orleans beauty back home, to jewelry, clothes, and other unique souvenirs. I was even able to snag an antique French book while in town, that I never expected to find. Unexpected things are found in unexpected places, therefore get out there and explore every inch of the french quarters! 
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