<![CDATA[CARETOGOFREE.COM - Boston/Eats]]>Fri, 24 Apr 2020 02:52:01 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Top Three Places to Eat Sushi in the city of Boston!]]>Sat, 30 Jul 2016 21:59:04 GMThttp://caretogofree.com/bostoneats/top-three-places-to-eat-sushi-in-the-city-of-bostonWhenever I go to a city such as Boston, which has plenty of fresh seafood supply... I make it a point to find out where to grab the best sushi! After trying too many sushi places in a series of a few day, I narrowed it down to the city top 3 choices. Each of these locations are spread out throughout Boston, which luckily for you gives an opportunity to for you to grab great sushi no matter where you are in Boston!
1) Red Lantern
Red lantern sky rocketed to the top of my list for many reasons, for starters it was definitely the largest of all the restaurant although you would not know it looking at it from the outside.  So let’s get down to what makes this place the best, one word their SHRIMP! When getting a roll here make sure to get one with their tempura shrimp. I don’t think that there are words to describe how utterly mouthwatering, their sushi is Then to put the cherry on top, they are literally just a few steps from flour bakery! Making it the ideal place to grab dessert, that is if you still have any room after dinner.
Google Rating:4.3
Address: 39 Stanhope St, Boston, MA 02116
Phone:(617) 262-3900
Our Rating: 5
Favorite Roll: Rock Roll
​Tips: There are so many options on this menu that you might become a bit wary on what to order. Well if you’re looking for something to start with, to show you just how delicious this place can be. Order the lobster ragoon, I don’t even like lobster and I thought it was AMAZING! The shells are nice and Krispy and the filling does not have one of those super fishy smells at all! This appetizer seriously made me reconsider my stance on lobster. Now for the good stuff there rolls, Rock roll is the way to go without hesitation, the shrimp inside will change your life….forever (Just trust me) This place also has many amazing Asian dishes that are not sushi related, if that’s not something you like. Just know that sushi only scratches the surface of what this restaurant can do!
2) Zen 
When you first walk in to ZEN you might be a little confused, it’s not the nicest seating area when you first walk in. I was suggest opting to dine outside, it w beautiful winter night, the evening I dine there. Sitting outside admiring all the stunningly lit building all around me, certainly created the ideal backdrop for a dinner in Boston. If you can’t dine outside due to lack of seating, I was suggest asking to be seated upstairs. Just give you a much roomier dining experience then sitting in the dining area by the main entrance. Now what qualified ZEN to make as #2 on this list? To be honest the answer is EVERYTHING! I tried their *Crazy Maki* Roll (Add cream cheese of a course) and it was truly the best roll I had while I was there. If it was the BEST… why is it only #2 on the list? The reason for this is simple, although it was the perfect size filled with fresh delicious ingredients….. Their shrimp unfortunately just wasn’t as AMAZING as our winner! Nonetheless their shrimp was crunchy and tasty, however had a more traditional breading making it not as delicious. If sushi is not your thing, I highly recommend getting their fried rice even if it’s to go! 
Google Rating:4.4
Address: 21 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02108
Phone:(617) 371-1230
Our Rating: 4.5
Favorite Roll: Crazy Maki Roll
​Tips: Get the vegetable fried rice, and add a meat of your preference such as chicken like I did below. Why didn’t I just say chicken fried rice?  That’s because the vegetables they add to the veggie fried rice  are much better than their regular veggies! With big chunks of vegetable I love such as zucchini, broccoli, carrots, and onions you really can’t go wrong! As far as the sushi like mention above I would suggest the Crazy Maki Roll, picture is featured below. I know I already said this but......DINE OUTSIDE! (The view is more than worth it!)
3) Douzo
If your ever near Douzo and you’re in a hurry, this is a great place to dine in for quick service or take out and eat somewhere with a better view. This was definitely the most modern location of this list, with clean lines and contemporary decorations. The rolls here are fresh to say the least, and with their speedy service it’s hard to resist not making a stop at this sushi restaurant even if only quickly!

Google Rating:4.1
Address: 131 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA 02116
Phone:(617) 859-8886
Our Rating: 4.0
Favorite Roll: Crazy Roll & Philadelphia Roll
​Tips: Surprisingly enough the roll to order from here is called Crazy roll, which is made up of a lot of the same components the Crazy Maki roll above. I’m a shrimp sushi loving kind of gal what can I say, however there Philadelphia roll here to is topped with mouthwatering fresh salmon! Therefore I say order both, and fill your tummy with some of the best sushi you can find in the Boston area!