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So now that you heard about the best traditional bakery in Boston, I had to share my secret on the best nontraditional bakery in Boston. What makes one bakery traditional and the other not so much? A traditional bakery normally consist of bread, cupcakes, cakes, and other examples of standards treats. Flour bakery had all that and much more, which is what qualified them as a traditional bakery. However once in a while you come across a bakery that does not follow any of the rules a regular bakery does. That’s where Tatte’s comes in! Not only is it a bakery known for its famous nut boxes, but it also has other unique items for your trying pleasure. What makes Tatte’s truly special though is that they can also throw down café style, whether you want a delicious sandwich or a fresh salad you’ve come to the right place! 
The Nut Boxes
Okay, okay, okay…. What so special about a box full of nuts? Hmmmmmm…. Everything! They don’t call them nut boxes for nothing, they are so delicious that they make you go NUTS! I wish I could explain how delicious, satisfying, and yet light these boxes are. Truth be told you will have to try them for yourself! I will tell you this though, that once you eat one it will make it very hard to go back to your old standards when it comes to desserts. Which makes it extremely hard to not pack up all your belonging and move to Boston. Knowing that you could have these delectable boxes everyday if you lived in the city of Boston, makes it very hard to want to return home.  The Nut boxes comes in different flavors like Pistachios as you see below or mixed nuts. If you want to go with something a little more traditional I would try the pecan one, it’s on the safe side and sure to delight anyone in mood of a nutty treat!
Pistachios Nut Box
Combination Nut Box
Unique treats
The best thing about this place is your not going to find your typical treats here, I mean look at the size of that merengues!This bakery is constantly creating ingenious ways to make old treats, and constantly coming up with new creations of their own such as the nut boxes above. One thing for sure is you never know what you will find when you walk in here! Which is why is such a nontraditional bakery, because one thing you can count on is they will blow you away with their imaginative treats!
Enormous Merengues
 Café Style Thrown Down
Tatte’s plays the role of a bakery, but is also in fact known for its café menu items. Such as the meatball sandwich below, BLT Sandwich, and let’s not forget there crunchy Halloumi salad! The best thing about the salad is the variety of ingredients, and its crunchy components  make it the perfect afternoon lunch. If your trying to decide between the meatball sandwich and the BLT, I would go with the BLT if you are looking for something light. If you want something more filling and substantial go for the meatball sandwich!These items are only some of the finger licking entrees they offer, they have other sandwiches, soups, and delectable surprises!
Meatball Sandwich
Halloumi salad
One of the best things about Tatte's Bakery is no matter what area of Cambridge or Boston your in, your never to far from one of their locations. Therefore their is no excuse for you not visiting one of their 6 locations while your in town, one thing for sure if you don't you will be regretting it!

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