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Exploring the back alley
​Pike Place Market is the most famous landmark in Seattle,when it comes to places you must visit while you’re in town this needs to be high on your priority list! What makes it so famous? Well that list can become quite long depending on what you’re looking for. But rest assure if there is something you need Pike Place will have it! Some of you may ask what so special about a market place? The answer is absolutely everything about this unique set up is appealing! While you’re there you will get lost in the crowds and stands, but not in the frantic I don’t know where I am type of lost. More like I can stop seeing stuff I want to buy or eat, which is why you can certainly spend an entire afternoon trying to pull yourself away from it all!
Oldest place in Pike Place Market
1)Three girl’s bakery
When it comes to finding delicious treats, I’m not one to ever resist! That’s why when I heard the longest continually running business in Pike Place market was a bakery, I knew it had to be special to survive in business for such a long time.This place has been around since 1912 was open by Mrs.Jones and two of her friends, and has been up in running ever since for the last 100 years.After tasting their blueberry scones.... I know why! I couldn't imagine living life without tasting one of these bad boys. Definitely my favorite place to go in the market, especially bright in early in the morning to get first dibs on all their freshly baked goods!
2)Gum wall
Some of you think of a wall full of gum, and conclude this is a pike place landmark you can skip! Well think again….Out of everything there is to see and do around here this cannot be missed! Why? Well.... it certainly the only one of its kind, plus you get a sense of accomplishment when you add a freshly chewed piece of your own! Think long and hard on, how you would like to leave your mark on the wall! Some people get created and leave symbols or even spell things out! Have fun and make memories for a lifetime that's what it's there for!
Gum wall
What will you spell out or do ?
3)Original Starbucks
So we all have our own go to drink when it comes to the famous coffee chain we all know as Starbucks. While exploring pike place market, it would be a shame to not see where Starbucks started their revolutionary business. That keeps us drawn in with their perfectly made coffee, and other refreshment such as my favorite drink their raspberry lemonade! So make sure to stop by this location and pick up your drink preference and soak it all in... After all this is where it all got started!
4)Jack Fish Spot
So normally I’m not a huge salmon lover, but I have to say after tasting some fresh salmon on my favorite sushi roll from Momiji. My heart was forever change, sometimes as we grow older we start to eat and enjoy things we previously wouldn't of even considered! Now you could go to the "fish throwing" side and go to Pike place fish market , but why wait the long lines for a raw fish.... When you can get a fresh fish here or one already deliciously fried! When it comes to getting some of the tastiest fish in town, this spot is not to be missed! After all its called "Worlds most Fabulous,Famous, Freshest, & Finest Fish" and no one gets a name like that for nothing!
​5)Flower arrangements
My one regret while in Seattle is not buying one of these beautifully crafted flower bouquets.Considering I didn’t spend a lot of time at the hotel, I didn’t want to purchase them to throw them away before leaving. What I didn’t know is that airlines let you carry it on with you. I did not even think of that, thankfully an older lady at the airport showed me that if you are determined to take something home…. You will find a way! The best part about these is how ridiculously affordable they are most cost between $10-$15! Not to mention the creativity the artist uses to put each of these stunningly beautiful bouquets together. I can honestly say that I have never seen bouquets that even remotely resemble these, and it would be a shame to not take an arrangement home with you to bask in its beauty!
Can you believe these are only $15?
Tuleps were just as affordable $10-$20!
6)Fresh Fruits and Veggies
If you’re going to be in town for a few days, and your hotel has a place for you to store food I would stock up on some local produce for snacking. That way you can enjoy the convenience of pike place market, even if it’s only briefly during your stay. Once you bite into the first juicy fruit of your choice you won’t regret it, they truly have an abundance of options when it comes to fresh fruits and let certainly not forget about the vegetables. You could easily sauté a group of your favorite veggies as a healthy & cheap lunch alternative back at your hotel if you have a stove. One thing for certain is I wish I lived in Seattle, just to have the luxury to visit this market regularly just for the produce!
7)The perfect souvenir
 If your looking for a special souvenir to take home all the way from the west coast, look no further! Whether its for you or someone special in your life, this is the perfect item for them to know you thought of them while you were away! I brought matching one's for myself and my sister, and we both love ours and use it on a regular basis. This would also be a great gift for grandma,mom, or even your family BBQ chef! Truth is there is always someone close to you that would love to make this apron a part of their kitchen.Its actually an item very commonly found across Midwestern homes and I think it nice to bring that tradition over to my little corner of the world. These apron are very reasonably priced, and come in both kids and adults sizes!
8)Daily Dozen
​Last but certainly not least,you must stop by daily dozen doughnuts while your there! These freshly fried mini doughnut are the perfect treat to munch on while exploring Pike Place Market.They are light,crispy and topped off with your favorite compliment! Whether you choose lightly sugared,cinnamon, or even frosted... they make sure you leave a happy customer. The lines can be long some times....but come on who waits in line for something if its not worth waiting for? I can assure you it will be worth it the moment you take your first bite, just make sure to bring cash to this establishment or you will be very disappointed.
Taste like Heaven