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My first glimpse of Fenway Park!
​If you’re in the city of Boston, and Fenway Park is not on you’re to do list then your sadly mistaken!Let me explain to you why this is a must even if you don’t like baseball, the moment you hit Yawkey Way you start to sense a totally different vibe. This whole area breathes, eats, and sleeps Red Socks! It’s very spiritually uplifting to be an area with so much quirkiness and love for the Red Sox! If you were ever looking for a city that goes all out for their team, Boston Red Sox fans are the perfect example of loyalty and team spirit! Plus not to mention this is the oldest park in MLB history, which is why it made it on my list initially. I didn’t know that I would be getting so much more than just the oldest park in baseball history! 
Can I just stay forever staring at the Boston Skyline?
Of course I have to start off with what got me to the park to begin with, being the huge history buff that I am when I heard that the oldest park in MLB history resided in the city of Boston. I told myself I could not miss it! I was highly disappointed that the Red Sox’s were at an away game the week I was in town, but with better planning around their schedule I will catch them next time. So what else makes this field such a wonderful historical place that you cannot miss? Fenway Park actually caught fire twice, once in 1928 and then again in 1934 in the middle of reconstruction. When the park starting to reconstruct once again, 37 foot concrete bleachers went in place of the wooden ones for more durability. In 1947 the wall advertisement screen was covered in green paint, and thus Fenway famous green monster was born! Therefore if it wasn’t for two fires and some local graffiti, the green monster may had never been created! That’s just goes to show that sometimes amongst all the kiosk, something good comes from all the bad.
Photo of original fire by: The digital public library of America
I think it's safe to say he is my favorite Monster!
So when I say that there is a different vibe down there, I’m NOT kidding! As soon as you pull up to the Fenway area or Kenmore square for that matter you will start to feel a buzz.  No not the annoying sound of a bug flying around you! But of electricity rushing thru your veins, and the spirits of Boston Red Sox fans immediately starts to seep in. Again this happens whether or not you’re a Red Sox fan or even sport fan all together. I’m sure you all have heard the saying a smile is contagious, well so is the spirit of a Red Sox fan……. So get ready to feel the BUZZ and EMBRACE it! 
Can you feel the buzz yet?
Take a stroll down Yawkey Way!
While at Fenway sign up for a tour, it’s a great way to still experience the entire place without going to a baseball game! Although if you happen to be in town when the red sox’s are playing make sure to catch the game, best way to really embrace the red sox fans spirits and possibly become a fan yourself right in that very moment! The cost of the tour is very affordable to all, and is totally worth it! In order to tour America's most beloved baseball park! If you only speak Spanish or Japanese, special tours are also available with advance notice. Fenway is open for tours from 9am-5pm, and tours are available year round. (10am-5pm during the winter) If you want to buy your tickets in advance, please remember you can purchase them only two weeks in advance online. The cost of the tour is $18.00 for adult and $12.00 for children. Luckily for me Marriott was having in event the Saturday I was in town at Fenway, so all Marriott reward members got to tour for free! Keep in mind that the $18.00 cost is for the one hour tour option, they also have a 15 min tour that only cost $10 for adults and kids. For those with a short amount of time on their hands, but couldn’t imagine leaving Boston without a tour this is for you! These tour leave every 15 mins as well, which makes it the perfect thing to do impromptu in Boston if you can make the time during your trip. Take it from me, even if it’s only for the short tour make the time to go down there & feel the buzz. Before you know it you will be creating that very same buzz for those all around you! 
Take the T to Fenway:The perfect transportation!
Sit back & enjoy the View...Feel the BUZZ!

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