<![CDATA[CARETOGOFREE.COM - Flour Bakery]]>Sun, 26 Jul 2020 21:40:21 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Best Traditional Bakery in Boston!]]>Fri, 17 Jun 2016 17:28:35 GMThttp://caretogofree.com/flour-bakery/best-traditional-bakery-in-bostonFlour bakery is a must stop if you are in Boston, searching for a place to satisfy your sweet cravings.It’s anything but your typical bakery, they have their production kitchen working almost 24 hours a day in order to provide the freshest pastries & sweets. They are in innovative bunch always trying new flavors, and putting a delicious twist to traditional treats we all love. Even if “sweets aren’t your thing”, THIS PLACE IS STILL A MUST! Let me tell you a little secret….if you never try new things because you think that you won’t like it, you will never come to find that there are more things out there waiting for you to fall in love.... than you can imagine! Take it from me, I used to order the same meal over and over again… playing it safe when it comes to food is boring. Step outside the boxes you put yourself in, and I can assure you will find there has been far to many things you have been missing out on.
 1)They share their secrets!
What I love most about this company is that they offer all kinds of classes throughout the month that shares a lot of their recipes and tips. From learning how to make artisan bread, to making their famous sticky buns they offer something for everyone. Even those with inspirations of opening a bakery of their own have a classes available for them, such as the starting your own bakery class with Joanne Chang. The options for classes are truly endless and change on a monthly basis, however one good tip is to sign up early sometimes they are sold out 2 months in advance! 
June Calendar( All Sold Out)
The perfect Bun
​2)Their Famous Sticky Bun!
Having a mouthful of Flour’s bakery sticky bun, is like having a gooey sensation with the perfect crunch to finish off the perfect afternoon treat. Which is something that I have never pictured myself saying that about a sticky bun, they normally aren’t my cup of tea. However after hearing about the reputation these buns have, I had a feeling they weren’t going to disappoint! Boy was I right, these are especially ideal for breakfast, if you are on the go and in the mood to start your day with perfection.
Notice the Goodness inside and out!
Locations throughout Boston & Cambridge
​3)What makes Flour bakery such a remarkable place?
When you walk into Flour bakery, you feel like you are at a bake sale… sure they have some traditional cases with pies and other normal desserts. However it’s the fresh baked good strategically laid out on top, that draw the most appeal from their customers like myself. Who can resist freshly made desserts, offered in an array of sizes, shapes, flavors and textures? Certainly NOT me! (I’ll get back to the calorie counting later)What makes flour so you unique? They make you feel like you just got HOME after a long day at work! They aren’t rushing you to make a selection, instead they give you their INSIDER tips on what treats are limited editions and you SHOULD'NT miss. This place is MORE then a bakery its part of the communities here in Boston, with FOUR different locations to choose from spread out throughout the city. They make it EASY to make Flour Bakery a part of your day, whether your picking up FRESH bread for dinner or a special dessert....If you DON'T, You will be sure to regret it later. Come JOIN the Flour community, they will make you want to STAY forever!
Only two sticky buns left, they go fast!
Pies & Other Traditional Treats