<![CDATA[CARETOGOFREE.COM - Vancouver]]>Mon, 27 Apr 2020 01:16:14 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Vancouver Lookout Tower!]]>Mon, 06 Jun 2016 23:24:17 GMThttp://caretogofree.com/vancouver/vancouver-lookout-towerIf there is one thing you must do in Vancouver is see the stunning province of British Columbia from the look out tower! Best part is that you won’t have to go far to find this location, it’s centrally located in the heart of downtown. 
The View
The lookout tower is the best place in Vancouver to get a 360 view of the city, which helps you experience a different side of this magnificent city. Vancouver is like any major city you can imagine, with tall sky scrapers and a beautiful skyline! The best part about going all the way to the top, is that you get to take a break from the bustling city down below. You get to truly take in the city for all of its worth, and if you’re lucky on a non-foggy day you can witness a beautiful mountain landscape that you will make you want to stop and stare forever. Talk about love at first site, I was very disappointed to had only spend one day here. It’s truly a place worth exploring for a lot longer!
View from the top
Elevator Ride
What I love about the lookout in Vancouver is that unlike the space needle in Seattle, the elevator ride is something that you can enjoy as you witness the whole city rise before your eyes. It’s a wonderful sight to take in, and best part is you get to ride the same elevator on the way back down! The space needle was extremely packed the night I went, and riding an elevator with 25 people and knowing you could potentially get stuck with that many people. Well that makes me feel claustrophobic, and I’m not someone that normally has issues with enclosed places. The glass elevator ride in Vancouver however was quite the opposite, there was only one other person on the ride up. It was pretty much empty when we got to the top, which was certainly not the case at the space needle. However there is plenty of space in both of these locations to accommodate large crowds at the top observatory. It was really nice to just have the place practically to myself as appose to my experience at the needle.
View from the top on the opposite side
Reading fun facts about Vancouver, while admiring the city!
Go during a sunset that way you get to experience the transition of the building during the day and at night. Most importantly you will be witnessing the sunset of a lifetime! On the way up you will be able to see all the buildings and absolutely every single detail up close and personal. Then once you get up you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Then watch the city of Vancouver come alive before your very eyes into the night. It an experience you don’t want to miss, and a memory you will remember for a lifetime.
Vancouver Lookout Tower Cost: Adult$16.25,Child (6-12)$8.25,Child (5 and under) FRE
Hours: Open 365 days a year from 9:00 am-9:30 pm (summer hours open until 10:30 pm)
Directions: Centrally located in downtown Vancouver ( 555 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 4N6, Canada)
Google Rating:4.4
Our Rating:5