<![CDATA[CARETOGOFREE.COM - Top 3 Road trips from Seattle]]>Thu, 23 Apr 2020 13:14:41 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Top 3 Road Trips from Seattle!]]>Wed, 25 May 2016 19:43:45 GMThttp://caretogofree.com/top-3-road-trips-from-seattle/top-3-road-trips-from-seattle​My first trip to the west coast was this past January to the majestic Seattle, Washington. Although I wanted to embrace Seattle as much as possible, I also wanted to explore the evergreen state and all its glorious surroundings.So I took the opportunity I had in hand, and did 3 road trips in two days!  A total of 14 hours were spent driving, however I have to say they were the quickest most exhilarating 14 hrs of my life! How did I accomplish to see so much in such a small time frame? Two words for you sleep deprivation..... I probably got a total of 6 hours sleep the entire trip! The best words of advice I can give you for when you are traveling is sleep is for the plane and power naps are your best friend! Now for what you have been waiting for, here are the top three road trips you simply cannot miss if you are in the state of Washington!
Entrance of the park
1) Mt Rainier
Mt Rainier is an active volcano about a 2 hour drive southeast from Seattle. This is the bulkiest structural mountain in the US, and also the highest peak in the cascade mountain range of the Pacific Northwest.I was more than thrilled to check it off my bucket list before my 25th birthday this year, it was truly a dream come true. Plus added bonus it was a winter wonderland, I was knee deep in snow at one point & it actively snowed while I was there! I saw my first wild deer to, which was such a delicately beautiful sight. There lots of things to do at this incredible national park from hiking to skiing,snow boarding, the possibilities are endless. Its a must see if you are in the state of Washington, so stopping hesitating and plan the road trip of a lifetime.
Enjoying the snow fall
Knee Deep in Snow
Exploring on the way up to Mt Rainier
Mt Rainier Cost: $25 per vehicle
Hours: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm (hours varies throughout the year)
Directions: Via I-5 south or WA-165 South
Pro Tips: Make sure you have tire chains on your tires, if not you wont be able to go past the main visitor section which is about 20 miles into the park. Also don't forget to collect your national park stamp!(Inside the Longmire Musuem)
2) Vancouver
OH………..CANADA, the land I call my neighbor! I had never crossed over into the Canadian borders before so of course I could not resist doing so on my first trip so close to the border. By close of course I mean a long 3 hour drive there and back, but I must say it’s was a breathtaking drive. That was more than worth it, being able to cross over into a whole new country within hours is a privilege not to be taken for granted. Of course this was my second road trip of the day and after a glorious morning exploring Mt Rainier, I knew the perfect place to finish the day would be Vancouver! Therefore if you are visiting any state near the Canadian border, make the best of your destination and cross over into the astonishing country land Canada has to offer. Spend the day exploring a new country, or go up to the mountains that are less the 30 mins away from downtown Vancouver. From there you could ski,snowboard, and even tube down the mountain. If your spending time exploring the the options on what to do in Canada are endless, depending on the amount of time you have allocated for this part of the trip I would plan accordingly.
Exploring downtown Vancouver!
Directions: I-5 North
Pro Tips: Be ready to deal with the Canadian border patrol, what does that mean? Have two forms of identification with you, and as of March 2016 there is a new travel document required for more information click here!
3) Olympic National Park
 This is honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever laid eyes on, if you don’t have time for the others I strongly recommend making time for this one. Why is it my favorite? For starters I got to see a waterfall, mountain, and snow all in one park.You can also access the pacific ocean from certain areas of the park, unfortunately due to trying to get back to Seattle at a decent hour I did not see that magnificent view.However If I were you I would dedicate a whole day to hike this alluring National Park. I can assure you will not get bored here! Every time you think you saw the most astonishing sight your eyes could imagine....you will turn around to find yet another that will surpass your wildest imagination!
Waterfall by Lake Cushman
Just because the road is closed, does not mean stop...Create your own path
Mt Rainier Cost: $15 per vehicle
Hours: Open 24 hrs 365 days a year!
Directions: 2 hours north of Seattle via I-5 S and US-101 N
Pro Tips:  I would suggest for you to enter the park through the Port Angeles entrance, that way you start at furthermost northern point and work your way down! (Also where the ranger station and national park stamp is located)

Fran's chocolates

After hearing all the stories of the delectable sea salt caramels Fran's produces, I had to go to Seattle to try them for myself! Never been a big "chocolate fanatic"...but boy did that change forever the day I walked into Fran's!
Seattle Speakeasy:Needle & Thread
The secret is out There is a hidden bar inside a restaurant in capitol hill called Tavern Law! Needle & Thread is a speakeasy bar that you won’t want to miss, it definitely gives you an exclusivity that you won’t get from others places.