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Nestled right below the space needle you will find the Chihuly museum.  Never before had I thought of glass as art until I went to this exhibit in Seattle.  I was incredibly wrong, the master pieces that Dale Chihuly creates truly blows me away. So much creativity that he puts into his sculptures, and considering the enormous sizes of the displays makes you think… How was this even possible? Well this is the 21st century…anything is possible. This exhibit is so inspirational, all you have to do is walk in and let the magic soak in!
The Artist
Dale Chihuly is truly inspiring, he was born & raised in the state of Washington, city of Tacoma. As an adult he graduated from the University of Washington. Afterwards decided to continue his education, in 1965 he enrolled in the first glass program in America in the University of Wisconsin. He then studied at the Rhode Island School of design. Where little did he know he would establish a glass program, and go on to teach there for over 10 years. Dale also cofounded the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State, where he led a true development in the world of fine art. His astonishing masterpieces are featured in 200 museums worldwide, demanding the attention of its viewers. If there is one thing we should all learn from this man, is continue down the path that inspires you. Then once you have found your calling, give it all you have, and learn everything there is to know about it. That’s all you have to do in order to be successful in any line of work is love it, embrace it, and learn. If you’re lucky enough you’ll master your passion to the extent of Dale Chihuly, if you don’t then you haven’t failed I promise… you just haven’t found your passion yet. Although finding one’s passion is more than enough, why not excel our abilities using our passions. Creating new things to inspire others to change the world like this artist!
​Embrace New Art Forms
In order to appreciate anything in life you must have information, therefore before going to this stunning exhibit make sure to conduct some research. That way once you are bearing witness you can really appreciate what it is you’re looking at. Some people find art boring, which is their opinion and I respect that. But most individuals just haven’t really taken the time to understand the beauty in every masterpiece. I was so very lucky to be there while they had glass artists outside creating intricate pieces, right before our very eyes. It was fascinating to experience a piece being built from start to finish. There was so many steps involved from heating, molding, breaking off excess glass…. All to get a fascinating finished product for others to admire forever. They sell some of these pieces on a much smaller scale in size of course in their gift shop, the price however of the items are not so small. But if you are willing to pay the price, you will be taking a masterpiece home! One that should be worth the high value due to the time, and intricate detailing it takes to create these outstanding pieces of art!
​When to visit?
There are some places you just have to visit after the sun goes down, I strongly suggest this in order to appreciate your visit to this glorious exhibit so much more. I was fortunate enough to be here during sunset therefore when I entered everything was normal, however when I came outside I was in for a surprise….. It was like the place had come alive! As you make your way around the exhibit you exit thru the garden, which is in when you take in the sight of the entire garden and all its glory! There is a sculpture which looks like a giant fireball, which happens to be the perfect spot to snap a photo of the space needle! How do you get this photo? Well you use a little extra imagination of course. The photo you see below was taken using different methods such as lying flat on the ground, but the shot was absolutely worth it! I never thought I would ever lay on the ground to take a photo, but anything is possible however when you trying to achieve the  perfect photo. Everything at night comes to life from the bright colors to the beautiful lights…. and the main star of course the stunning space needle!
​So if you haven’t decided this is somewhere you have to visit while in Seattle put it on your list now! It’s not like you won’t be visiting the space needle which is located right next door. Do your research on Dale Chihuly, find an appreciation for his inspirational artwork. While you are at the exhibit pay attention to all the little details that makes his work so spectacular. Call ahead to see if they will have some glass artist demonstrating the process, during your visit that way you can see the time and effort that goes into these pieces. Lastly make sure to go at the right time, when investing your time and money to go somewhere get the full effect. Both the museum and the space needle will be more worth your while if you witness them during sunset and watch them come alive into the night!

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