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​The MatchBox & I are a MATCH made in HEAVE! I know, I know… supeCORNY, but it’s simply that delicious! This is my favorite spot to eat brunch in DC, and now they have open their first location outside the district in Sunrise, FL.Which is answering my fat-girl prayers for sure! I don’t think I could survive if this restaurant was only available in DC! Although it’s a 4 hour drive from me that’s better than all the way in our nation capitol, and my cousin happens to live less than 5 mins away. I don’t know who I will be more excited to see my favorite cousin, or my hot plate of Chicken &Waffles coming towards my table. Hmmmm… I prefer not to answer that... Here are my top 3 tips for your next visit to matchbox!
Match Box
Ever wonder why they would call a restaurant something such as match box? Turns out there is a wooden VIP box in every single one of these restaurants, and I got to have my brunch here! What’s so special about this box? Well for starters it’s the best seat in the house at the location in Capitol Hill, it was centrally located in the restaurant and overlooking the bar. The customer service was amazing, not sure if it was because I was in the box especially…. or if all the customers get this much attention! But I truly loved every min of this experience, the bartender even brought over a very crafty drink on the house! Therefore if its your first time at a matchbox location, you must request the "wooden box" in the restaurant to sit at called MatchBox of course!
Chicken & Waffles
 Their Chicken & Waffles is perfection at it's very finest. Chicken chunks layered in between crispy waffles pieces, the whole things just explodes in your mouth. It’s not the typical Chicken & Waffles you see where its one big waffle and one big piece of chicken. I have never had this meal in my life before my brunch at the Match box in DC, and I’m so thankful for not taking the plunge before. The Presentation of other restaurants when it comes to Chicken & Waffles is depressing, let me explain.... Because it ONE BIG piece of each, and smaller pieces spread out on a plate like at Match Box! Why is this important? Well think about it? Two big pieces mean a lot of cutting and hassle, not to mention the food starts getting cold and the waffles gets soggy from the syrup. Therefore Matchbox has out smarted this dilemma, and I’m so very grateful! Never in my life had I been more please with my brunch, without a doubt the ideal meal to have before touring the White House for the first time. It was a morning full of first times… and ZERO REGRETS!
Additional Brunch Options
If you don't like the sound of chicken & waffles, which I must say your CRAZY not to try it here. They have plenty of others brunch offers such as Crab-Cake Benedict for those of us that are seafood fanatics.As featured in the first picture below, and believe it or not it tastes even better then it appears! For those of you that are not crab fans, they have a classic brunch pizza with endless topping such as smoked gouda, onions,pico di gallo,sausage and chipotle sour cream sauce to top it off as listed in the middle picture below.The last picture is not a brunch entree to be fair, but these burgers are so scrumptious.... that I had to give them there well deserved credit. The bread is fresh & nicely toasted the crispy onions on top are the ultimate compliment, and the perfect part is their size of course.. no having to deal with a big burger with everything falling apart! As an individuals that wants to sit back and enjoy her meals,  not hassle with her entree.. I appreciate the thought that the MatchBox puts into all of their entrees. Which truly makes my dining experience an easier & more pleasurable one!
If your not planning your next brunch outing here already.... what are you waiting for? Just the chicken & waffles alone will keep me completely devoted for life....not to mention the customer service and overall presentation of their entrees! Just the smell of their cinnamon rolls is a close second contender......definitely the way to end a delicious brunch at the MatchBox! This restaurant is  great for more then just brunch however..... they have plenty of other delightful entree! So next time your in the DC area or even in south Florida, and your wondering where to have the most amazing brunch ever? Wonder no more... MatchBox is the perfect MATCH for you!