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Stunning natural Florida Spring!
Weekie Wachee is a glistening Florida spring located near Springhill, FL! A central Florida destination, so if you’re a Florida native like me this is only one road trip away! For those of you with small children, you'll be delighted to know it’s also home to mermaids! It’s a great place to take the kids on hot summer days, or at least to experience once if you’re not one car ride away. What makes Weeki Wachee so great? It’s an affordable destination, with lots of water activities, and other amenities surrounded by breathtaking Mother Nature!
Perfect place for family fun!
​1) Affordable family destination
When it comes to traveling with your family, you always have to keep cost as a factor. At Weeki wachee they wash away all your spending fears by making the ticket price all inclusive! Which means for $13.00 for adults $8 for kids 6 and up, you get to experience the entire park! Which means you get to splash in the spring, slide down the water slides, lay back and enjoy a free boat ride, while exploring the entire park! Not to mention go see the main stars.....THE MERMAIDS, show is also included in the ticket price!
Waterpark area is perfect for kiddos!
2) Water Activities
Weeki Wachee has an abundant amounts of activities you can participate in! From swimming in the refreshing springs, to gliding down 4 different water-slides. Two are enclosed, while the other two are wide open…These slides pick up so much momentum I was surprised, making us squeal all the way down! Not to mention they offer a free boat ride down the spring that runs every 30 mins, giving everyone a chance to participate. The boat is near the nature trail toward the back of the park, so make sure to wander the entire property! If you are looking to just float on by.....then you have the options to rent a tube from them at an additional cost.They rent tubes in three different sizes single tube $8, Double Tube $12, and Triple Tube $15.Of course you could always bring your own to avoid the fees! You could also rent a kayak, or canoe and paddle your way down the breath taking spring. These rental are done thru paddling adventures, the cost is $32.50 for a single Kayak, and $37.50 for a Canoe!
Can mother nature be more breathtaking?
3)Additional Recreations
Believe it or not this small park offers a lot of things beside the main spring, they have a kiddie pool with a tiny slide for the tiny tots to giggle & splash away. For adults looking to have fun outside of the spring they have a volley ball court area which is great for some friendly competition! The Picnic area is also a great area to gather with your love ones, and have a nice meal. They do have a concession stand with food, and a bar with yummy tropical drinks. However they also allow you to bring in your own food, and cooler so take advantage of this! Weeki Wachee also has a playground area so the kids can play, while parents sit back and gaze at the wild peacocks walking around the property. Make sure to make time for a family nature trail that ends at discovery point, where they have a few animals on display such as snakes and other reptiles. Make sure to also enjoy the mermaids show, it’s a spectacle you must see at least once in your life.
Don't miss the mermaid show!
​As you can see there are many reasons to plan your next road trip to Weeki Wachee. It’s an affordable family destination, which allows parents not to have to worry about going over budget. Especially since they let you bring your own food and drinks. Not to mention offers an abundant of activities to participate in throughout the day! From basking in the pristine spring, to going for a boat ride down the stream. For the adrenaline seekers racing down the thrilling flume rides, in the only spring fed water park in Florida Buccaneer bay! Let’s not forget the only city where mermaids live, instilling are children belief in mystical beings is a wonderful thing!

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