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1)Get Out Of Your Routine
When some of us become parents we get holed up, in our everyday routine of life. Home,work,home,work that becomes our daily endless cycles.Which is one of the worst things that can happen to someone, they forget that to truly live life to the fullest... you must step outside your comfort zone! When was the last time you did something for the first time? Just because you now have children does not mean, it is time to stop trying new things! Instead it should be the time to travel at full force, to help them also step outside of their comfort zones.As parents we have lots of responsibilities..... I understand that some of you don't have an abundant amount of vacation time or can afford to take time off work.To every problem in life, there is a solution...You just have to be willing to get creative! Such as planning trips around your days off or holidays.Break the cycle now, get out there... start traveling and exploring this big beautiful world of ours!
 2) Save & Travel More
Lots of parents use lack of funds as a reason to not travel. Money gets spent everyday, its up to you to optimize & save in order to accomplish your dreams! You don't have to take luxurious trips, just getting on the road and going to the next city over is enough! No matter how short or long your trip is, it will bring you joy and memories for a lifetime. Lots of children grow up without the enrichment of traveling... some kids will never know its an attainable goal! We as parents must put a stop to this mindset, and show our children traveling is possible with proper planning! If you are in need of tips on how to SAVE HUNDREDS on things you spend money monthly on. Click Here!
3)Educate Your Kids
Being a parent is not a limitation, its an opportunity to expand the knowledge of our children. I can't tell you how much  my five year old loves to travel, and we have learned so much history along the way among other things! I feel that our trips have enriched him in ways that I would've never imagine. Travel is a form of raw education that creates unforgettable learning experiences. My son knowledge varies from former presidents, to historical battles and other important moments in our history! Things that I never would've thought my five year old would take interest in, much less remember.. The best part about traveling, is that you never know what your kids will take from the experience! I've given my son the opportunity to visit places where our nation was molded, in hopes that one day he will help mold an even better one! Kids are our future, they will be the ones leading all of us one day.. Therefore its up to us to broaden their horizons, and teach them as much as possible! 

4)Bonding Opportunities
As parents we know that our time with our kids is precious, they grow incredibly fast and leave entirely to soon! Which is why we must make memories with them while we still can, before they are adults and busy with lives of their own. Recently for my 25th birthday me and the boys took a trip to Macon,GA! While we were there for the cherry blossom festival, we decided to do a lantern tour at the Ocmulgee monument.Which is home to America oldest restoration over 1,000 years old Indian mound! It was the perfect night to attend, they had characters placed throughout the trail enriching us with knowledge and reenacting important people from our nation past. As we begun our journey down the dimly lighted trail, my son embraced me and squealed "Mama I love going on adventures!" His words warmed my heart, and it made the entire trip worth it at that very moment. Giving your family the chance to bond, and make memories in new terrains is the best thing you can give your kids! 
5) Inspire your children
Our children grow every single day! It's up to us to subject them to positive influences to help inspire them. One of my favorite ways to inspire them, is to take them to different types of museums everywhere we go!My son favorite type of course are the children museums, and you would be amaze on how much one differs from the other. Everyplace uses different creative strategies to inspire their local kids, my goal is to subject mines to as much of that creativity as possible!Traveling takes you to uncharted territories, this will help your child understand that there is more to the world. Thus inspiring them to want to see more and more of it! Science museums are always great for kids as well, because they inspire kids to think outside the box! There is so much innovation & possibilities in our future... That I want to make sure my kids are a part of the revolution that is only now beginning!