<![CDATA[CARETOGOFREE.COM - 5 ways to Save Money & Travel More]]>Sat, 25 Apr 2020 20:04:17 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Save More & Travel More]]>Sat, 30 Apr 2016 20:51:33 GMThttp://caretogofree.com/5-ways-to-save-money--travel-more/save-more-travel-moreEveryone always asks me how I can afford to travel as often as I do? The answer is simple, I spend less on other things! Believe it or not, it does not take a lot of money to travel. It does however take proper planning, a lot of research, and saving every penny you can! Here are my 5 favorite ways to cut corners!
1) Don't Eat Out
Eating out is a luxury that everyone enjoys, who doesn't like being served and not having to do dishes? Be that as it may, if you cut back on this leisure it leaves you with more wiggle room for other things such as travel. The average person spends at least $100 a month on dining outside of their homes. I'm not saying NEVER eat out, however simply reduce it as much as possible.By cutting this expense all together, it leaves you extra spending money.
2) Spend Less on Groceries
Some of you spend $200-$500 on groceries a month if not more. Food is an essential part of everyday life, and some of us don't think to budget in this area of our expenses. We go to the store without a list to help us, and without being aware of current deals. A huge money saving tip when it comes to reducing your grocery bill, is to plan your meal every week based on weekly specials. For Example if their a certain meat on sale, get that instead of a higher priced meat. Additionally if there are coupons for certain items, try to combine with BOGO deals your local Grocery stores are offering. That way your buying one, getting one free, and getting money taken off the total with a coupon! Making those simple changes, can save you tons of $$$. yes it will take more pre-planning before shopping trips, but it will also leave you with the extra mula to plan your next trip!

3)Go without cable
This one should be a no brainier, if your still paying over $100 a month for "entertainment" you are out of your mind! Having no cable does not mean not being able to watch your favorite shows, it just means streaming them from other sources such as Hulu or Netflix. All you really need is an internet package at home, which will cost you far less then cable thats for sure!
4) Reduce your electricity bill
I don't know about you, but I don't like to spend over $100 on my energy services. 
How do I keep it so low? Three very efficient ways to reduce your bill are using conservative bulbs,unplugging things constantly, and by only keeping the AC running  in the evenings when your home. Luckily for me I have been able to maintain my bill in a three bedroom home at $70-$80. Which is amazing considering I can recall averaging $150-$200 living in a two bedroom apartment years ago. Needless to say I now spend less in double the space. Sometimes doing the little things get you far in life, even if its only giving you a little extra wiggle room!
5)Downsize your expenses
 Take a good hard look at your life, and the things you spend the most money on. Perhaps you could save money by moving somewhere smaller. Or by trading in your brand new car, and getting one a few years older but more affordable! There are so many ways to downsize your expenses both in larger ways like the ones just mention, or in smaller ways...All you have to do is be willing NOT TO GO BIG, since that might mean GOING BROKE! You want to be able to have extra wiggle room in order to do the things you love such as travel!