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I honestly could not  possibly love either one of these airlines more, they both individually stand out in their own way! Not only do they both offer outstanding amenities, but they also both have glorious  reward programs. Learn how to use these airlines amenities to your advantage below!
Southwest Advantages
SOUTHWEST is definitely the first website I check when booking flights, because even if the cost of the flight is a little more than other carriers,other carriers like American Airline, United Airlines,Delta etc will murder you with their fees especially if your an over packer like me!
  • I LOVE the fact that southwest allows 2 FREE BAGS at check in, not to mention your free carry on! You honestly don't get that anymore with airlines. Although it's an amenity I never use anymore. I've adjusted to traveling with a carry on, and personal bag only! Its a lot less time consuming, to understand the importance of traveling with carry on only click on box BELOW!
  • Another Amenity Southwest has is FREE seating, and FREE choice of seating. At Southwest they make everyone feel like their in first class!
  • A lot of their aircraft's have FREE tv as well, where you can also purchase movies. I always catch up on new releases on the plane, since I never have the time at home being a mom of two growing boys.
  • The one amenity Southwest could improve on is their snacks. However with their low fares,and other amenities you get what you PAY for! 
Jet Blue Advantages
Lets not forget about JETBLUE! 
  • The first thing I must say is, their snacks are my FAVORITES. They are full size snacks, and they often let you get more then one. Their selection is SIMPLY AMAZING! 
  • They also offer wait for it.............FREE WIFI! What could possibly be better then that ? They also offeFREE TV, and movies for sale similar to Southwest. 
  • They don't have free checked in bags, however with a FREE carry on & personal item I'm good to go!
  I couldn't possibly pick between these two airlines. They BOTH offer so many amenities that my heart is literally torn. I would simplyADVISE for you use both! Sometimes it beneficial to buy SEPARATE tickets from different airlines. The best part about air travel is the REWARD POINTS.....Now lets get to the good stuff, how can you get a FREE FLIGHT of your own you may ask? Click on the box below, for a full BREAKDOWN!
Winner is........It's a TIE!
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