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Whenever an upcoming flight is approaching, I ALWAYS make sure to do the following things. In order to have a smoother flight,here is a list of things YOU don't want to FORGET!
1) Check in early
Some airlines offer you a better zone for boarding the earlier you check in! Also make sure if your checking in bags to pay for them online, its always a significantly reduced price compared to paying at the airport.
2) Headphones
Are always the main thing I seem to forget, only because I'm constantly using mines. So by the time it's time to pack them, they are usually out therefore they eventually get left behind. It break my heart every time this occurs, because they are major lifesavers. I have children of my own, so I totally understand the misery of flying with a baby or toddler. However when I'm flying solo, I do my best to block out the world so I can rest.
3)Take A Nap
I find this to be very important during long flights. Why stay up for five hours going crazy with boredom, get a nap in while you can! It will help with the jet lag later, it's amazing what a nap can do to your entire body.After that well deserve nap,make sure you packed one of your favorite snacks!
4) Snacks
Chances are the snack on the plane will leave you hungry, therefore be prepared! Have your favorite items stored away for when you are ready. Of course you could always have a decent meal before your flight, anything that is filling will do the trick.This will ensure that the simple snack the airline does provide will be sufficient enough.
Make sure to bring your Phone,Portable charger,Tablets,MP3 players,Laptop,and most importantly a good book! Choosing a good book is always an important step for me. As we all know all technology fails us all the time!Which is the best thing about a book, it will never fail you because you don't have enough "battery"or for any other electronic issue.
6) Dress comfortably
Most importantly dress comfortably for the flight. There is a few important things to keep in mind when it comes to your traveling wardrobe. Dress warmly either a sweater or jacket you can slip off when you land will help you be a much happier passenger. Another important thing is a scarf, believe it or not it can serve many different purposes! Such as be used to cover your eyes, or scrunched up as a soft pillow, or simply to keep you extra cozy. Another thing that might make things easier going thru security is slip on/off shoe, in reality it's more comfortable to travel with as well!
7)Pop your ears
 For those of you always needing to pop your ears,try chewing gum during a flight.
8) Relaxation
Lastly the best way to relax on the flight, is make sure to bring your own alcohol!You are allowed to bring three 3.4 ounce(100 milliliters) bottles of liquids,in your carry-on bag & through the security checkpoint. Just make sure to put the 3 bottles in a small zip-lock bag.You will thank me later when you are having the least stressful flight ever!