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How is it possible to help  others without spending a dime?I'm glad you asked! There are lots of ways to help those  less fortunate. Deciding you want to be more involved in your communities to help those in need, does not mean you have to start spending money out of pocket. It does mean however making the most of what you have, see my  five tips below on helping the homeless without spending a dime! 

1) Clean out your Closet
Simply by cleaning  out your closet,of items you no longer use or need, can help out those in need dramatically. Finding any articles of clothing you can spare such as jackets,sweaters,gloves, and hats,all can be of  good  use for those in desperate  need!

2)Give them your latest reads
Books are something I always try to include, in order to encourage learning and knowledge!There can never be enough of that! Therefore if you have a  book you have recently read that has inspired you, pass it along to someone in critical need of inspiration. I can  assure you that sometimes all someone needs is a dose of inspiration, in order to achieve in the impossible!

3)Write them a letter
You could also  write them a personalized letter to cheer up their day. Even a life story will work, simply think of something you would like others to know. Or you could tell them about a lesson in life, you wish you would've learned  sooner! Making it personal is showing them that you care...Next time you give out some of your used items, make sure to include a note. Even if it only makes them smile, its enough satisfaction for me!

4)Re-gift your gifts
So we  all have that one relative that gives us things we don't want or  need on special occasions.
From Christmas to birthdays,and other holidays, we all receive things that we don't have a use for!
Such as cheap perfumes sets, unflattering pajamas, or even the scar that grandma made that you'll never get caught wearing. As long as there isn't any sentimental value to the gift, and you know it will never get used.. do yourself a favor and give it away! 

5)Clean out your pantry
We all have items that have been sitting in our pantry,for longer then we care to admit.The foods that we  store in case of emergencies or for quick dinner alternatives,often end up going to waste....Why not get rid of some of it before it all expires.Go threw your pantry once every 90 days, if something is still sitting there put it to good use and donate it! 

I know what some of you are thinking, when am I  ever going to have the time to give these packages out?
I have  two suggestions you might prefer, rather then taking time out of your busy schedule. Firstly, you could always have a few of these care packages in the trunk. That way when you see someone panhandling, instead of giving them money you can hand them some of your used treasures.Another option is take some of these items on vacation with you.I can assure you it won't take long in any  city, to find someone in need! One very important thing to remember while putting these packages together. Although these things may have zero value to you,They can mean the world to someone else. Helping others when they least expect it, is one of the most spiritual rewarding experiences I have ever encountered.So get out there, and start the ripple effect kindness has on others!