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​ The world today is very different then it used to be, it used to be all about helping  "Thy Neighbor", Now we can barely get someone to open the door for us! We must all get out there & show the universe that we still have some humanity left! That we are all united & equal, no one should be left behind. Everyone has been down on their luck at one point or another in life. Not everyone has  the support to get through rough time.Therefore have a tougher time getting back up, we should help one another up! That way the world stays constantly reassured that there are still good people out there. Not everyone is full of hate for the world & those full of it should be reminded that one bad person does not mean we should turn into that negativity ourselves. Instead it should mean we need to get out there &  give back in order to give  hope to those who lost it a long time ago! 

DC Charity Run
​Recently I went to DC to do just that, I couldn't think of a better place to do it! Our nations capitol has become my home away from home, since my first visit 2015 in last year.My last trip there I decided to bring a ton of goodies to leave around DC for the homeless! Such as Waterproof jackets,reusable hand warmers,and boxes of cookies.I wish I could've given more, but I know I will be back  to do more for this community. It does not matter if your  act of kindness is large or small, as long as your making an effort to express kindness to those who need it most! 
Set Up Displays
​I walked all  around the district and put ten of these displays up. Just to give a little helping hand, I wanted to remind the world  to do for others! I carried a heavy large bag with me through out the city that day, leaving displays of hope all on throughout the National Mall! Which I must admit was exhausting but rewarding, because I know that these items will help someone on a cold wet hungry day. 
Inspire others
 The best part is I caught plenty of individuals stopping to see what I was up to & hopefully inspiring them to do similar acts of kindness! If there are  two  things I hope to accomplish  on this mission is:To give hope & help to those that need it most,and to inspire others to do the same.If we start this ripple effect of generosity now, we can make sure it becomes a part of the daily lives of our next generation! Children like any human being are creatures of habits, and if we incorporate giving into the habits of our children. Perhaps this will encourage a better future, and if nothing else at least a kinder  generation!