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After hearing all the stories of the delectable sea salt caramels Fran's produces, I had to go to Seattle to try them for myself! Never been a big "chocolate fanatic"...but boy did that change forever the day I walked into Fran's! Who knew it would taste like heaven in one bite! From that moment on, I understood the madness! Of course these would be Obama's favorites! But the Goodness did not end there, Michelle's favorite were even better.... dark chocolate coconut gold bars! After the smoked sea salt caramels, I didn't think it could get any better then that...... I was so wrong!I had initially planned on sharing my first order.... but less just say 20 pieces of chocolates go quickly on a long flight back home. I had to immediately place another order when I got back, thank goodness they deliver! If your planning your first trip to Fran's let me give you 3 helpful tips...

1)Which Caramels to choose?
You have two options when it comes to the sea salt caramels... smoked milk chocolate caramels or grey dark chocolate caramels!The Winner between the two hands down is the smoked milk chocolate caramels, Which happens to be Obama favorites as well....The flavor in the other caramels is a little to bold for me. The exotic taste of the smoked salt makes all the difference in taste! Perhaps if they had a smoked dark chocolate version, I would lean more that way... However for the sake of not fixing whats not broken, just go for the smoked sea salt milk chocolate caramels. I promise you will never want anything else,  until you taste their coconut gold bars that is....
2)Don't Leave without a coconut gold bar!
 These are the real crowd-pleaser.... Fran's coconut gold bars! Which Are Michelle Obama favorites after all for a reason! My only disappointment with the coconut bars, is they don't come in a milk chocolate version. However I was surprised how light the Dark  chocolate tasted. Compared to the dark chocolate in the caramels, its a world of difference. The taste is so soft, that even someone that doesn't like dark chocolate would still love this! The inside is to die for, creamy coconut,  with a splash of rum, and roasted almonds!
3)Why are they the Best?
After 32 years in the chocolate business, Fran's has inspired other chocolate artisan to take their craft to untapped levels! The best part about this place, is not the chocolate...believe it or not its their customer service! When I placed my order online they had a mix up, and ended up giving me dark chocolate caramels instead.With one quick call, the manager  sent overnight a box for me to enjoy the very next day! It was sent in a temperature controlled box, very nicely package and with a sweet note.I live in FL, so for them to overnight them all the way from the west coast meant a lot! They had even thrown in extra, to make up for their mistake. Which couldn't of made me happier, we are all humans and make errors in life... its how we handle our mistakes that makes all the difference! This company is making sure to keep their customers happy. Having good customer service is the way to success, and they have surpassed my expectations for sure. Special thank you to Seattle business women Cynthia Stroum, whom turned the Obama's on to this wonderful discovery.Now I hope to continue the madness with all of you!