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WHERE oh WHERE to stay in BOSTON?
The best hotel in the entire Boston area, without a doubt is the Marriott Custom House! Here are the top three reason why you shouldn't question where to stay in longer! Not only is it absolutely  stunning, it comes with so many amenities & activities you and your family will fall in love! Not to mention the customer service  is top notch, and the location of the hotel will make your stay in Boston an easy one! I know what some of you are thinking, what if I don't have a family? Don't worry its still perfect for you! This hotel puts you in the heart of all the action from bar crawls to delicious finds around every corner!The Marriott custom house been apart of the  Boston skyline for over a 100 YEARS, go soak in the history! 
1) Amenities & Activities
This Marriott vacation club which is also a timeshare location,has many amenities that they offer! The list is truly endless, and they are constantly updating it!For example during our stay they had different activities set up throughout the days, from performers,to scavenger hunts,to other friendly group activities. Such as they had a wine & cheese party for the adults one night. Followed by a night full of singing carolers, that brought joy to my children. The hotel was all decked out for the holidays, and had countless holiday activities to participate in.We were visiting for my son 5th birthday.So all the celebration made it really special.On top of all these great activities the hotel offers, it also has a Fitness center & Free Wifi.​Currently this tower is the 17th tallest building in Boston,and it has it own observation deck at no cost to its guests. Saving you $18 per adult and $13 per child, which is the admission cost to going to the Boston Sky-walk observatory! Why wait in long lines, when you have one of your own in the hotel!The interior of the hotel is something to see as well, for its pure elegance...... it even has its own rotunda! The last amenity, is the one my kids and I enjoyed the most! They had a game room, with pool tables, air hockey,board games, and the best part is its located behind the clock  part of the tower. So you get to admire the mechanism of the clock tower, from the inside while letting the kids play!  Very specious area with a great view and sitting areas for adults  to read. They have a small library that you can select a novel to read during your stay! 
Exploring the hotels surrounding attractions
2)Customer Service
As soon as we arrived at the hotel we were treated like royalty! The front desk employee saw that mommy had her hands full, and gave me a free bottle of wine for some much needed relaxation time later that night.She also gave the kids a bag full of goodies coloring books,stuffed Lobster, and a schedule for the hotel children activities. The kids loved getting their own gift bags, and it kept them entertain while I got all our things settled after check in.Customer service here is outstanding to say the least, before we even arrived they sent us an email for us to customize our stay. Which gave us a room on a much higher floor, with a spectacular view and larger floor plan! Which was perfect for our stay, it had a dining and living room area and the bedroom was in a separate room! Very accommodating for a family stay, and it even had a small kitchen area with everything we could need! Every time we went down to the front desk we were greeted by name, and they were always willing to give helpful and useful tips. Before booking the trip, I had no idea they had a small theater for watching movies, which is great recommendation they made for the kids. This hotel really made it easy for families to have endless ways to entertain there kiddos.Which gives them more time to do what they want, like lay back and relax! 
Boston harbor view less then five min walk from the hotel
3) Location
If everything mention above still does not have you on MARRIOTT.COM booking to stay as soon as possible.... You will want to stay just based on the accessibility of this location. This hotel puts you in all the  action, surrounded by bars,shopping,and restaurants. You truly won't have to walk far in order to find some great entertainment!Just with Faneuil Hall right next door, is more then enough to keep you busy while! This hotel is literally near everything it's less then 15 mins from the airport,and there is a entrance to the"T" (Boston commuter rails) steps from the hotel. Not that you really need to use it,Boston is one of of the most walk-able city I have ever been! I wouldn't recommend getting an unlimited transportation card like we did, since we only used it twice on a round-trip ride to Camden,MA.Everything is literally within walking distance, and its a pleasure to walk while taking in all gorgeous sights. 
Our favorite Hotel in Boston Hands Down!
When it comes to where to stay in Boston....there is no doubt that the Marriott Custom House should be the only ONE on your list! From there amenities, customer service,and fabulous location you really cannot ask for more! Now to answer the question you have all been wondering while reading this..... How much does it cost to stay here? Well that is entirely up to  you!The price to this hotel can fluctuate a lot throughout the year, which means the earlier you book the better! Prices range from $250-$800.Unfortunately its a high  in demand hotel,since its a historical landmark and due to its central location.For better rates stay in the winter, just whatever you do don't miss  your chance to stay at Boston best!

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