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When ever you get the chance to go to Boston, take it in a heart beat! It's a charming city with historical places at every turn. When it comes to Boston, I strongly suggest to just stay downtown near Faneuil Hall. It's definitely where all the  action  is, and not to mention leaves you in walking distance from everything. So many activities go on in Faneuil hall especially during the holidays,that you won't want to miss out!This establishment was open in 1742, and since then they have been providing the city of Boston with great shopping & Scrumptious food finds! Not to mention all the  entertainers that randomly perform, enticing the crowd to clap along.Staying in this area truly puts you in the middle of everything,so don't  hesitate and just book your trip! Don't forget to view the museum inside of Faneuil hall, and also collect your national park  stamps! Make sure to ask for the "NON OFFICIAL STAMPS" as well, me and my son made this special  discovery and collected several unofficial stamps. One was even large enough to take a whole page, which was of Paul revere on his horse. These were amazing stamps with some great detail,So we didn't care that they weren't official NPS Stamps. Since we had gathered some of those as well here!

While staying in Faneuil hall you will have access  to lots of things. Such as Boston north end,which is such a charming Italian community. Which has endless dining options, that will make you very glad you are staying near by to endure it all!  From there you can continue to Charlestown, which is a neighborhood in Boston. Honestly within walking distance, if you don't mind walking long distances. Totally worth the view of the gorgeous harbor, and cross the iconic Boston bridge. All while following the red brick road... Which brings me to  the freedom trail,staying in Faneuil Hall area puts you smack down in the middle of it! Which is very important when staying in Boston, because it  leads  you to 16 of the  main historical attractions around the city! You won't want to miss out on this historical whirlwind of a trip, once you get to know Boston you will never want to leave. From the exquisite food & endless activities to explore. Its a city that will never bore you, it will  have you begging the sun for more daylight hours! 
North End
​​Boston North End is a very unique  place, its  a community full of Italians, so you know what that means endless delectable food options! From exquisite bakeries such as Mike pastry, Bova’s bakery, and Maria Pastry Shop. Whom all offer pastries that will have you drooling for days! Spend a day exploring the north end, and find out who makes the best  canoli, our vote is Bova’s Bakery! Then make some room for  some of the best Italian in Al Dente, Mamma Maria, and Terramia Ristorante  all have delicious  pasta dishes! They will leave you stuck to your seat and asking for more! Honestly don’t have a favorite between these, they all offer delightfully authentic  dishes. Paul revere home is located in this community also, and its the perfect activity for families. My 5 year old son loved hearing about the bravery of Paul Revere,and had fun with the children activity  book we did throughout the tour. Which you can ourchase for $5 at the main entrance. Adults are $3.50,
and children 5-17 years old are $1. This is a very affordable attraction, and its perfect way to teach your kids some history!
When you reach  Charlestown, there is a beautiful historic navy vessel called the USS Constitution  which has my name on it! They were doing some repairs to the vessel during our trip, and adding a plaque! I got to sign my name to it, drew a heart around my name as well. So if you are ever there to see the vessel in dry dock, which is its current state. Once they have plaque in place look for the heart towards the right corner, and my name in cursive will be placed inside! Your able to  tour the boat itself, and there is still active navy official that show you around the ship.They know a vast amount about the ship,so feel free to ask them!  If you have kids like me, they will really enjoy going on one of the six original navy vessel. Its truly a unique ship and quite a sight! Right next to the boat they have an informative large museum, which you can also collect NATIONAL PARK STAMPS inside!  The cost is $5-$10 per adult and $3-$5 per children. They also give you the option of a family donation of  $20-$25, which is very generous and affordable for families! Bunker Hill is really close to this site as well, and within walking distance. I would always call ahead, and see if they have any special events occurring during your visit.When we went over the holidays, they had a tree lighting ceremony and Santa there to meet with the kids! A very important rule before traveling is always call all your attractions ahead of time, to see what things they have going on while you are there!
Finally the best part is these are all part of the FREEDOM TRAIL! Which is a very unique set up, you can actually follow two lines of red brick all through the city of Boston! It’s nothing I have ever seen before in any other city, and it’s a brilliant idea to help travelers such as myself find their way! Leading you to tons of historical places such as the ones I have named above,and many many more. Plus there is a  certain sense of pleasure,to tracing a trail that others have traced!Staying in Faneuil Hall puts you right in the middle of the trail! With options leading in both directions, which is perfect if you plan on splitting up the trail within two days. You can simply go to the right the first day,and then the left the second. Which leaves you time to  actually embrace all the attractions. I would not advise doing this trail in one day,  you simply won’t get to retain as much information or truly enjoy yourself! One of the other places you will find along the trail is the OLD STATE HOUSE! Which is a very important place in our history, it was the first place the Independence of Declaration was ever  read  from the balcony to the city of Boston. This is a location you can also tour along the way,and I strongly suggest it! Did you know its also the place where the Boston Massacre occurred? Which you can see marked in the back of the building on the ground.Its a very sacred area, and is a must to see for anyone visiting Boston for the first time.
All the places mention above are also part of the trail  including Faneuil Hall, the trail goes on to many other historical spots throughout the city! These are just some of my favorites,its time for you to go to Boston and start selecting favorites of your own....You will  be  surprised how remarkable the city of Boston is! The Faneuil Hall area, is definitely where you want to stay. It gets you close to everything you need to do, while giving you outstanding views of the entire Boston area.Make sure you make time to visit the others areas near Faneuil Hall.Boston north end  simply cannot be missed, for all its unique shops and delightful food options. Charlestown is also an area to make  sure  to check of your list! Between its beautiful vessel & museum, and Bunker Hill  near by also ready to be explored. Its truly the perfect areas to visit while staying near Faneuil Hall.All these locations are part of the  freedom trail, which is a remarkable  adventure of its own. Make sure to visit  the city of Boston, as soon and as often as you can! Its a place to make history of your own, without forgetting the history that got us where we are today! 

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