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Downtown Dc
The most wonderful thing about our nation Capitol, is that there are so many great areas to stay in! For the most part you really can't go wrong, here are some of my favorite neighborhoods in the District. If you want to be as  centralized as possible then Downtown DC is for you. Two examples of great properties downtown are the  Marriott Marquis & Courtyard Washington Convention Center. These hotels vary in prices and amenities, the Marquis normally in the $300-$500 range & the Courtyard normally ranges from $150-$300. Depending on whether its peaks season or not and availability .Both locations will keep you in the middle of all the action, so you don't miss a beat! 

Near By Attraction: National Mall, Smithsonian Museums, White House, The Capitol

Woodley Park
With that being said there are so many places you can stay within DC that aren't in downtown. If you want be closer to the zoo because of your children, I  recommend 
the Woodley Park/Adam Morgan area. It’s not only the metro stop for the zoo, but it's also near the national cathedral. So if Sunday morning worship is part of your weekly routine, you can fit it right in on vacation.My favorite hotel in the Woodley Park area is the​ Washington Marriott Wardman Park! Why you may ask? The reasons are endless! 
Washington Marriot Wardman Park is located in the heart of DC so its easy to get from one area to another. Not to mention they have a metro stop literally steps away from the hotel! There is fabulous night life near by in Adam Morgan & U street, and best of all is a very family friendly area.Its also a much more residential area, so you will be surrounded by locals instead of tourists, and its a great area to grab great food with even better prices! This hotel also offer amenities such as restaurants,bars,gym & spa! The prices at this hotel can range anywhere from $120-$250, again depending on seasons and other factors. Notice I only gave you one option in this area, because its truly the best place to stay in Woodley park! The sooner you book, the better prices you can lock down!

Near by Attractions: Woodley Park,Adams Morgan,Zoo,National Cathedral,U street

Capital View
If you want to be close to the monuments & downtown, but don't want to spend as much money stay in the crystal city area.It's technically in Virginia, but it will cut your hotel bill most likely in half ! You also have more amenities,such as airport shuttle and not to mention free breakfast. This area is great for families on a budget, both of these hotels not only offer a shuttle to and from the airport but to the metro also. Which can make getting around effortless!
Independence Day Trip 2015
The Renaissance is a little fancier and offers a fabulous bar &restaurant area, which has the best shrimp salad I have ever tasted! Unfortunately they don't offer free  breakfast like the Residence Inn, which is located right behind them! But nonetheless both hotels are great ,and are usually my personal go to! They are definitely the most affordable, ranging from from $100-$250. If your the type of person that likes to get more bang  for your buck, then these hotels are the one for you! 
Near by Attractions: DCA airport,Crystal City,Wynwood Crystal City Murals,Arlington,kings st


For couples looking for a romantic 
area to stay, I would recommend Georgetown. For picturesque strolls & fabulous restaurants, this hotel is technically not in the heart of Georgetown but it close enough to easily get there. Plus the great part about staying here is your not cut off  from the metro, like you would be if you stay deep in Georgetown.You get to stay near all the fun for a fraction of  the cost! This hotel can range from $130-$250, which is a lot less then others in the area.Notice once again I did not suggest to stay directly in Georgetown due to the higher prices and lack of metros on that side of town.
Memorial Day Trip
Georgetown is also home to the oldest house in DC which is known as the Old Stone house.which is free for the public to tour, not to mention has a beautiful garden on its property. You can also collect a national park stamp here, which  is a program me and my family really enjoy! Georgetown also has a beautiful waterfront area, which Can be very enchanting for couples. Not to mention they are where the best cupcakesGeorgetown cupcakes can be found which you may of heard of on TV on TLC. If you don't want to wait the excruciating long lines there, Baked & Wired is just as good if not better which is also located in the same area!
Near by Attractions: Old Stone house,George Town Cupcakes,Baked & Wired,Waterfront,Keystone Bridge
Exploring Georgetown!
As you can see all of these areas offer different things from proximity to attractions, to amenities such as free breakfast and shuttles.Presuming that you wish to be centralized closely to the national mall,and other main attractions. Downtown will be the best  area for you,spending more out of pocket always gets you a better location. If you want an area that is better suited for families with less tourist,the Woodley park neighborhood will definitely excel your needs. In the event that you wish to be close to the national mall, but want to stay in a more affordable hotel. Then the capital view/crystal city area will unquestionably surpass your expectations, these hotels are also great options for families. Lastly if your a couple traveling without kids then I strongly suggest the GEORGETOWN area. Its definitely a whole another vibe down there, its so beautiful you will feel like you are on your honey moon all over again! No matter where you stay in DC, I can assure you will fall in love with this glorious city just like me!

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