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Some of you ask me "WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS ON VACATION?" Which is one of the worst questions you can ask a traveler.The answer is I'm NOT on "vacation", I'm living life! I just simply prefer to live it in more than one place. If we were meant to stay in one place, we would've been born with roots. Good news is we weren't, we are free to roam this universe! Traveling for me does not feel like a vacation, it feels like a journey! A Journey each of us should take, you'll never  know where you will end up! Therefore get out there, and start the journey of a lifetime! Before it all goes dark, and it’s too late! 
Did you know DC has the largest Ethiopian community in the US?
The absolute best thing to do in a new city is embrace the culture & diversity! For me this is even better then visiting the main attractions. Why is this a reason to travel? We learn more about ourselves when we are adjusting to a new environment, then we will ever learn by staying in the same surroundings.You never know what culture, will bring out things in you never knew existed! 
Eating delicious Ethiopian food!
This goes hand and hand with embracing a new culture.Trying mouthwatering dishes from places around the world is always mind blowing! To encounter  flavors & textures you could've never even imagine, is always exciting & delicious! Like this Ethiopian dish above, from Dukem on U street in Washington,Dc. Did you know that D.C has the largest Ethiopian community in the U.S? Therefore if your looking to try something new while visiting our nations capitol make sure not to forget about all the authentic Ethiopian spots in D.C.You should never ever leave a place, without having the local cuisine.If you do, you will regret it!
Taking in a sight is all the therapy you need! (Mt. Rainier)
Believe it or not taking a trip can often be more therapeutic then a visit to a shrink! Why is this? Well it’s due to the fact that you’re doing it on your own term, with no one badgering you for the answers. The answers we all already know, if we can simply admit to ourselves what we really want! When your travelling your mind is more at ease, therefore it’s easier for you to accept the reality of what you really want in life! Most importantly traveling gives you the courage to do something about it!
Discovering myself at Mt Rainier!
Most people when asked if they have a hobby, there answer is"I don't have the time!" Sometimes our daily routines get ahead of us, and we stop making time for ourselves! This needs to stop now,and while you are traveling it’s the perfect  time to discover new hobbies or make time for old ones. Traveling isn't always about going from one attraction to the next, sometimes it’s just about making time for the things you have been missing out on. Or picking up a new hobby like painting or perhaps dancing salsa. You will be amazed with all the things your able to do.All you have to do is take the first step and do them!
Space Needle!
5)Main Attraction
Get out your bucket list... its time to check,check,check! In every city around the world you will have main attractions on your to-do list, that you couldn't  imagine leaving without doing. News Flash! I'm here to tell you that most main attractions aren't all they are cracked up to be. Sure you might want to do them,because it always something you saw yourself doing. So for that very reason you should do it, get it off your bucket list! So you will never have to endure those long lines and large crowds ever again! I challenge you to think like a local not like a tourist...Having this mindset will lead you to the most unique places in any city. All you have to do is start walking in any direction, and find a secluded place that you never knew existed...and will never forget! Those are the places worth going to and searching for, once you know this you can unlock the secrets to any city!